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Twisted Fate, The Card Master [Changeling] [Finished] Empty Twisted Fate, The Card Master [Changeling] [Finished]

Post by Twisted Fate on Sat May 24, 2014 7:31 pm

Name: Twisted Fate
Species: Changeling; Unicorn (Disguised)
Gender: Male
Age:  33
Occupation: Blackmarket Merchant, Professional Gambler, Assassin for Hire
Likes:  Black Coffee, The Night
Dislikes: The Sun, Cheaters
Special Talent: Card Magic, True Shapeshifting
Minor Talents: Experienced Gambler, Reading Opponent's Reactions
Alignment:  Between Neutral and Undecided
Height:  4'6"
Coat Color: Black (Changeling); Light Grey (Disguised)
Mane/Tail Color: Green (Changeling); Black (Disguised)
Eye color: Green, slitted (Changeling); Amber (Disguised)

Cutie/Glyph Mark:  Queen of Hearts (Disguised)

TF Undisguised:
Twisted Fate, The Card Master [Changeling] [Finished] Prince_thorn_of_the_changelings_by_kirakandee-d5akell

TF Disguised:
Twisted Fate, The Card Master [Changeling] [Finished] Twisted_fate_pony_by_lilac_the_fox99-d6co3p2

Personality:  As TF is a changeling, his personality changes, depending on the situation and the identity he has to present. As the merchant, he is more of a relaxed type, looking forward for a nice little chat while his customers are looking through his highly dubious goods while he is looking through for information. If he is called for a card game, most of the time poker, he is very serious and focused solely on the victory. He behaves in a similar fashion if he accepts a job for the "mysterious assassin Shade" as he is mentally preparing himself for said task, looking forward to completing it with the utmost precision. The only other situation is him being hungry for love. In that scenario, he uses his outward appearance and shows himself as a charming stallion looking for a mare to "spend time" with.Overall, Twisted Fate is a character who can adapt his behavior to almost any situation given.
History:  Many think changelings are just mindless drones, ruthless predators sent by their queen to replace the ponies. But that does not go with every single one, Twisted Fare being a great example of it. Quickly discovering that he had a mind of his own, starting to question the actions of his queen, he got banished from his hive. After quite some time, slowly starving because of missing love around him, he traversed some forest where "Lady Luck" decided to give him a new chance to live a new life, in the form of something he never thought of finding. In a clearing, a unicorn stallion was laying, at the edge of life and tumbling towards the abyss of death. As TF approached him, he, only knowing the "obvious facts" about changelings refused to let him get helped by one resulting in his own despair. But he told TF that he was a talented gambler and, if he wanted to replace him, he should better learn to play. But more interesting, he told that changeling his name, being coincidentally Twisted Fate as well. 
With the new information and a disguise holding up for his entire life, Twisted Fate made his way through the nearest villages, collecting some money as well as love to get himself quite a life. But after those years of travelling, he got bored and looked for a place to stay for his life, and thus found Manehatten. With his fundings, collecting those years by gambling, he got a place to live as well as a business to start, his business as a merchant on the blackmarket. 
But this is not where his history ends because there was that one day, soon after he opened his stall for the daily business, he overheard a conversation between two talking about some "job" to be done and missing "workers". TF quickly got the true nature of that conversation and told those about an assassin going by the name of "Shade" and him being the pony to contact that assassin by. He quickly finished that "job", recieving quite some reward and deciding to use these connections in case his business doesn't go well one day.
Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:  Since Twisted Fate got banished from his hive at a young age, he got enough time to learn the ways of unicorn magic to replace some of his inherent changeling magic. What remained of his changeling magic is: 

Shapeshift: TF can shapeshift into others, the ability only limited by the size. He can't shift into those considerably taller than he is. But he can copy the physics of all those around hs size. He manly uses this only to be the unicorn TF or while conducting an assassination.

Amnesia: Twisted Fate can alter the memories of others around him. But this spell is limited only to memories of himself. It is only used after collecting love since he is not one to keep up a constant relationship.

But he has learned some ways of unicorn magic on his journey:

Levitation: Twisted Fate can use levitation to move certain objects, and some times other ponies. But he needs more concentration the larger the object is, and even more if he levitates another pony. He has a limit considering the size of the object. He also can't levitate himself.

Card Magic: Being unable to cast spells like fireballs or energy bolts, he has developed a kind of spell on his own. He can summon cards by his side with different effects:

Wild Cards: TF can, once in a while, launch three of his cards in different directions. Those cards do not have any additional effect.

Pick A Card: He can summon several cards by his side, picking one out of it before sending them back to where they come from. Those cards have different effects dependng on the kind of emotional energy channeled through it.

      Blue Card: The Blue Card is made by channeling despair and sorrow, either his
                     own or of those around him. The Blue Card is stronger than the others
                     and can restore some of TF's used energy.
       Red Card: The Red Card is made by channeling fury, anger and hatred. It is
                     slightly weaker than the Blue Card and is able to physically exhaust
                     the enemy to a small degree by its magical nature.
      Gold Card: The Gold Card is made by channeling most of the positive emotions,
                     except love. The Gold Card, if it hits someone, summons magical
                     chains, immobilizing the target for a short period of time. However,
                     it is the weakest of all three cards

Destiny/Portal: Twisted Fate, throughout his time, has placed several silver cards around Equestria, mostly in Manehatten. Those cards are invisible and cannot be located by detection spells, the silver reflecting those. When he casts Destiny, he instantly knows the locations of all those cards in a great radius around him. He then can cast Portal to teleport himself to one of those cards. This, however, takes TF a great amount of energy, leaving him defenseless and exhausted after this.      

Personal Timeline: 

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Twisted Fate, The Card Master [Changeling] [Finished] Empty Re: Twisted Fate, The Card Master [Changeling] [Finished]

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You have done all that we have asked so thank you and welcome to the team.
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