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StarBright Charmer [Changeling] [Finished] Empty StarBright Charmer [Changeling] [Finished]

Post by Starlight Charmer on Sat Nov 22, 2014 1:43 pm

Name: Starbright Charmer
Species: Changeling Unicorn Hybrid
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Occupation: Nothing, as thus far
Likes: Rationality, weightlessness, solitude to an extent.
Dislikes: Those who commit atrocities, racism, blissfulness.
Astrology?: Gemini
Special Talent: Manipulating gravity
Minor Talents: Light manipulation
Alignment: Undecided, but leaning towards Rebels
Trades off Hard Carapace, Crash Shield, Energy Bolt and Transformation, Flight, Strength,
and Natural Resin. 
Height: 3'7 
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: Red
Eye color: Golden, with vertical pupils

StarBright Charmer [Changeling] [Finished] 6oeVknZ

For every yin there is a yang, and this is no exception for Starbright to Starlight. While Star looked to the best of things and was so cheerful, Starbright was in the corner, analyzing everything with a cold stare. Passion? There was little. Object? To unlock the mysteries of why she was untalented unlike all the other nymphs. Where others were able to conjure powerful bolts of magic and the like. While Starlight would hang out and flirt and joke with the others of their age, Starbright was in the corner, reading books of magic and techniques to figure out why she was
unspecial. In hoof fighting she was awful at, her shortness severely limiting her capabilities, along with a lack of muscle that would've been gained if she weren't as big of a bookworm. She carefully analyzed everything, making subtle judgements on those around her, to find out how they could be broken. Nerubia always kept a watchful eye of both of her daughters, but moreso attention to Starbright, worried she might somehow get herself in a situation that could be harmful, which happened often enough, with her being bullied and ridiculed relentlessly. But to Starbright, she felt left out of the family, as Nerubia spent much more time with Starlight and her gleeful playing and wild antics.

Starbright hated everything that Star represented from the start, for she was more interested in making friends and having a joyful, bliss-filled existence, While she herself had always studied things from a tactical view, trying to make the most stragetic decisions for her bleak future. She grew up being ridiculed by peers for being the suck-up to authorities, trying her best to please them. For being the smartest of the bunch. For her small stature, and her lack of any magical talent. They almost drove her to suicide, to escape her horrendous life. She felt as though
her mother didn't care for her, as she spent most of her time doing things with Starlight, unknowing that she was being watched quietly by Nerubia.

It all was flipped on itself when her home was sacked and ruined.

Starbright was feeling sick about her insticts that told her something awful was about to happen, and she held this to herself as she avoided everyone.
When the Griffons started their attack, she continued to hide, something that she was extremely good at due to her hiding from bullies. almost being looked over by the invaders. Almost. A particularly large and hateful griffon happened to have caught his eye on a... Souvenir.. to keep to himself and cherish. He grabbed Starbright roughly by the hair, a malignant glint appearing in his eyes as he was about to ravage and violate the poor child's body. It was this exact moment, however, when Starbright unlocked her hidden potential. Suddenly, her eyes alit with a  yellow energy, sending crackling lightning-like bolts to her horn, and a straight beam of a purplish-black energy shot out of her horn, making the area the griffon was standing upon star to bend upon itself. In a rage, the horrible nymph-napper set her wings on fire while he ripped them out, blood pouring out of the gashes on her back. This only angered the filly, however, and she frowned at the Griffon as a black orb appeared under his feet, pulling him down to the ground and freeing her of his grasp. However, she wasn't done, as the floor came together and crushed her adversary, leaving only a hand reaching out of the ground, clutching a medallion within it. As her rage subsided, Starbright, with tears pouring down her cheeks in agony, which started to slow as she saw the pendant, and she snatched it, placing it around her neck as a  reminder of the atrocity the griffons had committed. Suddenly an ache in the back of her head came to her, and she remembered something.
She ran to her lodgings, and saw a burning figure that resembled Nerubia huddled over something, which was repeatedly getting beaten with their lances and clubs.
Horrified, she screamed and ran away, dashing out of the hive. When outside, she saw more griffons ahead, reinciting her fears. Her horn began to turn yellow
yet again, and she saw a white energy flow down her body. In confusion, a Griffon tried to jab her, but she jumped in time, only getting a small cut on her leg. But instead of falling, she kept floating upwards, in a huge arc. In desperate fear, as they started flying upwards at her, Starbright suddenly felt...Odd... as her hoof became first translucent, and then finally transparent. As she looked at her body, she was startled in awe at the rapid transformation of her once useless, and now invisible, self. As she landed lightly a minute later, she ran away to a city filled with lights,
only being observed currently as a slight distortion of air as she moved. 
As she entered civilization, she hid in the first apparently abandoned house, her now flickering form being masked by the dusk of night, as her spell perished. As her adrenaline rush ended, she suddenly felt the effect of running for hours on end, and passed out on the floor, prepared to make her new life out of the rubble of her horrid past.

Special Magic: Enigmatic Hold: gives her Gravity Beams, which allow her to lower or raise the gravity on an area or a pony. When she focuses her gravity beam on an area 
for ten seconds, it turns into a gravity well, and things in a small radius(about 10 feet) will be dragged in and stuck to it for ten seconds.
Lasts much longer on an area than on a somepony. When focusing antigravity, it forces an area to repel intruders and the like, sending them
back a small distance (10 feet)
Small gap of time between casts of the beams, especially after using Gravity Well or Repel. For using the focused versions, it's an hour without
using either beam unless under lunar light, where it'll be a minute.
Otherwise it's fifteen seconds to wait without focusing.

Lunar Secrecy: Uses the power of light to render StarBright invisible, by shifting the wavelengths of light to shine through her, instead of
reflecting. Creates a minor distortion of light on herself, so she's invisible, but the air shimmers where she is. Must be charged all night in
lunar light.
Must be charged, and can only be used once a day.
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