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Post by Scarlet Thunder on Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:46 am

Name: Scarlet Thunder
Species: Mutated Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Likes:Flying, Freedom, Being accepted.
Dislikes: Prejudice, Containment.
Astrology?: Scorpio :Scorp: 
Special Talent: Unknown.
Minor Talents: Flying, Harp-playing

Height: 3' 9"
Coat Color: White
Mane/Tail Color: Pale pink, with a fading, black line down the mane
Eye color:Green/yellow (Complete Heterochromium Iridum)
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Blank Flank

Picture: Picture comin' soon.

Personality: As a filly, Scarlet was a little snobby to her classmates from all the love, praise and joy she got from her parents and teachers. She was overall, intelligent and funny, even at the worst of times. She didn't have any friends because she thought her parents were enough, and she though friends would only distract her. She wasn't the most athletic, or nimble, and she was a pretty average flier. She felt academics beat athletics, so she never felt to excel in physical subjects.

Then they took her away.

Scarlet learned from within those awful, grey walls that she was afraid. Terribly afraid, of pony curiosity and nature. She was their franken-pony, and was traumatized from this, along with the experiences they forced her to witness. She became antisocial, especially to her temporary neighbors. She became distrustful of most everypony, like a puppy that had been kicked too many times. But deep down inside, past her freakish looks or her appalling scars, that she's loyal to the ponies she knows she can trust, and would sacrifice herself to save them. Bits and pieces of her past life still resurface, but she's mostly a new pony than the old, scared, and afraid filly that entered with those scientists a decade ago.

Scarlet found that music soothed her troubled thoughts, and soon she began to play. Her calling was as a Harper, as she was serene and calm as a swan when she played it. She's hateful of others that think she's a tool or an instrument for their success. She feels that most beings are equal in stature, excluding the scum that think everypony is a puddle of mud they stepped in. Scarlet wants a place to fit in. To call a home, and live like the fantasy life she thought was her childhood.

History: Scarlet was your average, run-of the mill Pegasus. Happy life, a nice school. Parents. Had everything she could possibly want. But then she was stolen from her family in the dark of the night, by stallions in white coats. They had malicious intent for her, as they needed A test subject, a lab rat, for their heinous and inhumane acts. She was the eighth. Marked by the scar carved into her face. They ripped her wings off, and worked them into her forearms, So her forearms were her wings.  They cut her throat and removed any way for her to speak vocally, so that even if she escaped, it'd be incredibly hard for them to be found out. She was to be the Magnum Opus of their abominations. Then, they removed her memories of her childhood. The night they murdered her family. Scarlet's cloak was painted with their blood. In the form of their insidious insignia inscribed in it. Her awful living conditions made her bones brittle, her muscles weak, and herself barely alive. 

She wanted out of this horrible pit of despair.

So, when she was given food, she kicked the prison keeper between the legs, and made a run for it. She glided down the hallways. She wanted out. Scarlet arrived outside suddenly when she feebly opened the door to the outside world. It had been ten years of torture. Pain. Scarlet inhaled fresh air for the first time in a decade. She realized they had probably let her out on purpose, because that was surprisingly easy. But she didn't care. Her now-paled white coat was shimmering from the sunlight. She was free, the only one of a batch of ten to survive and escape. And now, Scarlet is going to carve her own destiny, and not let the evil forces of the scientists get in her way. 

[What her tale is.]
 Dark cell walls. Alone. Fear.
I thought these things to myself. My name is Scarlet. I think it is.  Scarlet Thunder.
I tried to remember the memories of my childhood, filled with light and happiness. 
They robbed me of them.
Stealing. Evil.
They took me away from my home and happiness at the age of eight. To study. They threw me in this cage.
A project. An experiment.
I wanted to be away from this dank cell. To get away from the tests and studies they did to me. 
Freedom. Sunlight.
I escaped, gliding down the hallways. I opened the doors. To air.
Grass. Water. Air.
I will make my own decisions now. Nobody will stop me.
To live. Again.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Malnourishment and a lack of sunlight has made her bones brittle and fragile. She's extremely light from being underfed. Her wings are on her forelegs, too.
Personal Timeline: None yet.

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Scarlet Thunder[Pegasus] [Finished] Empty Re: Scarlet Thunder[Pegasus] [Finished]

Post by Hijinks on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:44 am

Your character sheet has been accepted. Go birdy! Fly far, fly fast!

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