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 Insane Masquerade [pegasus] [Transfer] Empty Insane Masquerade [pegasus] [Transfer]

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Name: Insane Masquerade
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: -
Likes: flowers, balmy breeze , The flesh and blood of his enemy
Dislikes: griffons, beautyful faces (just his dark side)
Special Talent: building meele weapons from scrap, use theese weapons
Minor Talents: making dresses, suits and masks
Alignment: Undecided

Height: 4'7''
Coat Color: Brown
Mane/Tail Color: (bald Head)Black/red
Eye color: unknown
Cutie/Glyph Mark: circle with turned V in it (Borderlands Vault symbol)

Picture: Insane Masquerade [pegasus] [Transfer] Insane11


Insane doesent fear neither pain nor death. He wants revenge for his dead parents and all the other ponies the griffons took from him. He wants to fight the griffons and hurt them like they hurt him.

Insane isn´t a bad pony, he don´t want to hurt other ponies, but sometimes a dark side on him appears, which leads him to attack other ponies. This side is jealous on ponies with beautyful faces and want to deface them too. he thinks if he cant look good, no one should. Insane tries to supress this side of him, but sometimes it brakes free.


Before the war Insane Masquerade lived a Normal live. He was born in a small town and was raised like the most fillies. He had friends and he went to school. He early started to went to the School theatere. He was the one designing the masks and suits for the actors. he was pretty good a it and liked it. he was a nice and happy filly.

His whole life and person changed when the griffons attacked. The attack on his hometown seemed to be one of the brutalest. The griffons attacked with a superiority of soldiers and weapons. They hunted every villiger of the ponies and caged them. the ponies who tried to fight the griffons were brutally murdered and their corpses got eviscareted and hanged around the city as warning. Over a year the ponies lived in captivity, but then the griffons started to just kill them all. they killed them one after another. slow, painful and brutal. Insane Masquerade had to watch how his parents were ripped appart. The blood of his parents spilled into his face. Thats was the point were he went insane.

As one griffon took him, he quickly grabbed a piece of scrap and sticked it into the eye of the griffon. The griffon hit insanes face with a claw and defaced him before falling to the ground in pain. Insane fleed quickly and somehow got out of the town without any griffon following him. As he saw his ugly face in the mirroring of a lake, he feared his own appeareance and never wanted to see his face again. He crafted his mask, which he never took off since then.

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