{RIOT EVENT OPEN} Fireworks On Mainstreet

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{RIOT EVENT OPEN} Fireworks On Mainstreet

Post by Pony Rioters on Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:56 am

Fireworks On Main street
5:00 am (early morning)
December 25th
Year 4


The riots began four days ago with the arrest of a popular dissident among the ponies by the name of Ironquill deBronxheart. Today is the fourth consecutive day of unrest in the Eastern Residential district, and the rioting has spread from that area to other neighboring regions. Ponies armed with torches, improvised weaponry, and looted spoils are being reported in mobs as populous as four-hundred.

The official Griffon response has been to declare a state of Martial Law in the city of Manehattan which is understood to be effective immediately. Despite the grave nature of that threat, ponies rallying around their successes in the Eastern Residential District have continued to oppose authority throughout the city, and become increasingly bold in choice of targets.

Gentlepony's, Ponies who own property, and especially griffons are at risk of being injured or worse during this time of anarchy. All reputable sources recommend that anypony who values their life or livlihood avoid the riots at all cost. This has not prevented strong rebellious undercurrents in the riots from drawing in recruits and kindred souls from throughout the city.

It was the 25th of December and all of main street was dark at this time of the morning, the snow fell lightly and peacefully unlike the snowfall that happened on earlier days ...it was a beautiful site to witness ..it was so silent and..
"Argh! Another? ...But Its Freezing Out Here!...Why Do We Have To Get This One Too... We Have Already Tagged This Whole Place Practically!" A brown black manned Pegasus stallion complained as he shivered next to two other ponies who were Hiding in the shadow of a building they used to remain invisible. As the brown stallion kept complaining the other two looked at each other with the same expression on their face ..Annoyance.. Finally one of them said something "How about you yell louder to attract attention to our selves hmmm?" said a black green manned unicorn.The brown Pegasus felt Offended "Maybe I will Then We Can Finally Go Home" The black unicorn laughed "Yeah ...Go Home To A Cell or A coffin If You Keep complaining"The brown Pegasus let out a wine "But I'm Tired" upon hearing this made the leader of the small group a Red blue manned unicorn mare to speak up "Oh I'm sorry to hear that ..maybe if you ask the griffon they would be more than happy to help you find a spot to rest your head ..IN YOUR OWN POOL OF BLOOD!" she pointed out "Now Both Of You Shut Up!" she screamed.It was quiet for a couple minutes until the the black unicorn spoke up "Soo..Whats the plan boss?" The Red Unicorn smirked and pointed to a large building in front of them "We are going to finish writing our friendly message to the griffons" the black unicorn nodded "First things first ..how are we going to get inside ?" The Red unicorn smiled "I have a friend that working on it as we speak ..We just need to wait for ..." A faint glow came from the right side of the building "There that's the signal ..Let go !" All three of the ponies rushed to the other side of the street.

Once there they met up with another light blue unicorn "I unlocked the whole place for you ..Security is off for tonight for the holidays ..we shouldn't see any form of trouble until we are done here" The red unicorn smiled "Good work" and walked in "A bank ..You cant Be serious ?..Sure was nice of them to leave the front door open for us " Joked the brown Pegasus as they went in inside

The main door made a creaking noise as it open The group looked around the large lobby the red unicorn was more interested in the columns and supports of the building than the rest of the were into the money and gold that it stored the red unicorn smirked evilly and pointed to several position "You cover the door " the black stallion followed his command and went to the main entrance peeking outside looking for anyone that could interfere "Ok time to leave our parting gifts " all three of them threw down their heavy duty saddle bags "Time to work your magic " the black unicorn smiled as the brown Pegasus digged in one of the saddle bags he finally pulled a homemade time bomb and began attaching it to one of the columns "Take A Good Look Boys ..Because Just Like The Others ..This Place Will Send A Powerful Message To Those Bird Brains And All That Follow Them" The Red unicorn laughed as Another bomb was being attached and armed.
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