Core Attribute [Earth Pony]

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Core Attribute [Earth Pony]

Post by Refuge on Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:15 am

Name: Core Attribute
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Occupation: Cart-pulling services, and odd jobs.
Virtue/Vice: Wrath
Special Talent: Endurance
Minor Talents: Physical strength
Alignment: Neutral; dislikes both sides.

Height: 4'3"
Coat Color: Brown
Mane/Tail Color: Red
Eye color: Dull Red
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A shield icon, colored red and steel.


Personality: Core has a generally aggressive personality; she’s not particularly happy with her situation in life, or the current state of Equestria under Griffon rule. In addition, she has a very blunt personality, along the philosophy of ‘Why dance around words and actions when it’s so much simpler to be straightforward?’ While this is usually enough to discourage others from attempting to befriend her, those who do will find her to be a very loyal friend to have - though still

Though she is not particularly happy in her citizen life, she’s disinclined to support either side of the hostilities; while she’s not hostile to either of them, not going out of her way to irritate them, she’s certainly no fan of either her home-stealing Griffon rulers or the disruptive Rebellion, who she sees as making matters worse in terms of violence; her relatively recent assault at the hooves of one rebel didn’t help much.

While she holds this idea against the rebels themselves, she is herself not a pony to shy away from a fight; indeed, at times it would seem that though she declares her motives for violence to be protectivity, it may appear more baseless than that.

History: Core Attribute was born and raised in the city of Manehattan, the only child in a lower-middle class family, who hoped (unsuccessfully) that she would take after her name and become a psychologist. As she grew up, she made few friends, though she made sure each one she did have was deserving of her full loyalty.

She remained in Manehattan her entire life, gradually learning many of its quirks and secrets, especially those of her few friends. Her physical endurance during peace-time lent itself to such jobs as cart-pulling and other physical labor, though she found that to makes ends meet, she’d have to diversify rather than sticking to a single, very narrow service. In war-time, these traits carried through; she frequently moved materials around the city, helping out where she could, acting as a militia/defender at times, and to her friends, being a strong figure that could help them through these times, through the most dire of conditions.

After the war was over, she returned to civilian life as she had before; while she did resent the griffons deeply, she considered it better to just live as normal a life as possible for as long as possible. She ignored the whispers of rebellion, dismissing them as either ponies who couldn’t learn to accept defeat, or as sneaky criminal sorts she could not and would not fit in with. Her only role kept from the war was support for her friends, helping them stay reasonably calm and feeling secure in the dystopia the country had become.

One night, while off to meet said friends at a bar, though, she made to go down an alley for a shortcut, only to be mugged by another pony, a Pegasus stallion. In this encounter, Core received a head injury, as well as having the bits she had with her stolen. As a consequence of this, she suffers a more personal dislike of rebels in general, and seems to have become even shorter-tempered than usual.

Personal Timeline:
Mugging of a Mare (As an NPC)

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Re: Core Attribute [Earth Pony]

Post by Steel Strike on Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:33 am

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