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Sea Gnash [earth pony] [complete] Empty Sea Gnash [earth pony] [complete]

Post by Sassaflash on Fri Jan 10, 2014 6:57 pm

Name: Sea Gnash
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Occupation: None
Likes: Peace, water
Dislikes: Griffons
Astrology: Virgo
Special Talent: Swimming
Minor Talents: Hoof-to-hoof combat
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 4'4''
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: Pink
Eye color: Blue (right) and Pink (left)
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Bloody question mark

Sea Gnash [earth pony] [complete] Neo_sea_gnash_by_sea_gnash-d7i9bft

     Once kind, caring and somewhat shy, Sea would do anything for her friends and make sure they're safe and healthy. After all of the abuse and punishment she received, however, she is now extremely quick to anger and has to force herself to keep from striking those who don't deserve it. However, if she gets angry enough, she might go on a rampage and attack anyone around her without thinking.

     Despite these tendencies, her natural personality can temporarily come back to her if she feels safe, cared for or with an otherwise clear mind. Once she reaches this state of mind, she is much more lucid than she normally would be and will take care of the ponies close to her. However, this state can shatter quickly and send her back to her 'base' state of mind.

    Sea Breeze grew up as an underprivileged filly in Manehattan, mostly spending her time wandering the streets to get away from the anger that filled the small apartment she called home. While exploring the docks of the local port, she slipped on a wet section of ground and fell into the deep waters of the sea. However, she found herself easily able to stay above the waves as well as swim to an area of shallower water and pull herself out, new cutie mark in the shape of a wave resting upon her young flank. She had found her talent for swimming.

     As she grew, Sea did her best to support her family in any way she could; eventually joining the Equestrian navy as soon as she was old enough to do so. Not too long after her training was complete, the Griffon Kingdoms declared war upon Equestria and she was sent out on her first true warship without much preparation.

     For the first six years of the war, all seemed to go smoothly for the young mare. Battles came and went without much loss, until one unlucky encounter with a large griffon warship. Multiple holes were torn into the Equestrian ship's hull and she quickly sunk beneath the waves, causing every member of her crew to drown, including Sea Breeze.

     No more than a day after the tragedy, a small griffon scout ship came across a mass of floating wood boards, among which rested the body of a drowned mare whose hind leg had gotten wedged in between two splintered floorboards. The scout ship made its way towards the black and pink body, swiftly scooping it up as the final piece needed for a sinister secret quietly brewing behind the griffon lines...

     Sea's first sight after the world going black around her under the ocean was a horrific one: magic crystals and many different vials of bubbling liquids scattered around her in a cold, dark room. Completely unaware of where she was, she tried her best to scream, only to be stopped by a tight leather muzzle around her mouth. As confusion filled her mind, she only began to panic upon realizing all four of her legs had been bound to the cold table she had woken up on.

     After hours of sitting alone in the dim light, her attention shot towards a door as it opened up, a unicorn flanked by three griffons in uniform greeting her.

     “ seems the weapon is finally awake... It's time to see if this crazy plan was worth it after all.”

     Long months of endless training and abuse eventually turned the mare from who was once a kind and noble soul into a shattered and rage-filled fighter. They needed her broken, to forget who she was. Experiments done on her before she had be revived had changed her mouth from that of a simple pony to a jaw lined with a set of razor-sharp teeth, a long, sturdy tail meant for movement in water as well as a line of defense, and a taste for meat and now...she had the state of mind to use it all.

     Not long before the beatings and berating would have ended and the griffons who had created her would send her against their enemies, Sea snapped. The moment she was struck during morning combat training, her vision reddened and blurred, she attacked the two griffons in the room with her, shredding them with her maw and breaking their bones with her rage, before fleeing.

     With the military now hot on her trail, the mare plunged herself into the sea and escaped with her life. Memories of who she once was slowly filling her mind, she wandered the ocean all alone and unable to accept the new lift she had been given, changing her name to Sea Gnash as a combination of self-punishment for what she had become as well as a reminder of her hate towards the griffons.

     Sea eventually found her way back to where she had first discovered her talent for swimming: Manehattan harbor. Though her cutie mark had been changed to a much more violent mark of war, she found herself reliving that fateful day as a filly. She was going to return the city back to the way she remembered it...

Special Ability Description:
Due to her magical mutations, she can hold her breath for up to twenty minutes on a full breath.

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