Who's Starswirl?

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Who's Starswirl?

Post by Syron on Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:15 pm

[15:59:27] Syron: And the newest comic tells me that Starswirl probably lived for centuries
[15:59:55] The Purrfectionist: I wish I knew who that was
[16:00:18] Syron: I'm not sure if you're joking with me
[16:00:47] The Purrfectionist: I never knew about a mlp comic xD I'm sure I've super offended you there
[16:01:09] Syron: Starswirl the Bearded... The one who wrote the first half of the destiny spell
[16:02:30] Syron: The one Twilight went as on Nightmare Night
[16:03:26] Syron: And no, you certainly haven't offended me. I'm just very surprised that you don't recognize the name Starswirl
[16:06:29] The Purrfectionist: I never knew at all, I think i payed more attention as to why twilight went out as Gandalf xD

   Really? I explained it to everypony I met!

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Re: Who's Starswirl?

Post by Scrapper on Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:33 pm

'Least I ain't no nerd!  


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