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Name: Joker
Species: Diamond Dog
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Occupation: Handydog
Virtue/Vice: Love
Special Talent: Jack-of-all-Trades
Alignment: Undecided

Height: 6’2
Coat Color: Shades of Red
Eye color: Green

Joker is a rather average dog. He dislikes ponies in general, seeing them as nothing other than common steeds or beasts of labor. He frequently makes derogatory jokes and remarks about mules and horses, and always has this smug attitude about him. He is tall, lean and quite mean, and likes to poke fun at the weak and helpless. Unlike other diamond dogs, he speaks in a smooth, low voice, and is capable of using names, he just prefers not to.

However, he is a good father, and a loyal friend. He does have a few ponies he respects, and its possible that he might one day become friends with one. He cares a lot for his daughter Socks, and wants nothing more than to get her medicine and go home. And if these ponies can help him, then that’s just great.

When he was a young pup, he joined the gangs. He was such a free spirit, wild and unkempt, flying the Ruby Rippers flag overhead, the girls hanging off of him as he fought the other dogs. He lost some and won some, just like the others, but he was always loyal to the dogs, and never gave up. That is, until the day a girl came to him with a swollen belly. Then it changed forever.

The girl swore that the pup was his, and that he would take care of it. Joker tried to shrug it off, and return to his life of high speed runs and gem-raids with his buddies, but the girl persisted. He finally agreed, just to get her to shut up. He figured that he would help her for the first few weeks then scram, but when she died in the hospital, he was stuck with a female pup.

Oh sure, he tried to just skip out without it, but by then even his buddies were giving him angry looks. He waited two weeks, then finally went to claim her. By then, she was moving and her eyes were open. The nurses and the doctor yelled at him, calling him a bad parent and all other sorts of things, but he cared little for that. He took her and brought her to his pad, where he sat her down on the floor and stared at her.

And it was then that the magic finally hit him. The little cub looked up at him, and smiled. He smiled back, and she crawled up to him, sat on his lap, and fell asleep. And as he watched, he felt the ice around his heart melt, and he decided then and there that she really was his daughter. He named her Socks, and pledged to protect her forever.

Which was why her sickness eight years later hit him so hard. It came on suddenly, full of coughing and sneezing and fatigue. The one day, she was fine, the next, she was pale and bedridden. The doctor said that it was a dead disease, one that had disappeared a long time ago. The cure was from the ground leaves of the Excilon Moriatus, a nearly extinct plant found natively in the Griffon Kingdoms.

So Joker quit his day job, left Socks with a kiss and a buddy, and sailed across the sea to the barren land of the Griffons. There he learned that the plant had died out years ago, although there was a rumor that the Whitewing’s of The Courts had the last of the plants in their mansion’s personal garden. He had heard of the Courts before, and of course, when he went to barter for the flower, he was all but laughed out of the land and the country.

He went to Equestria next, to see if the more fertile land had the plant. But that was in Griffon claws as well. He ended up in Manehatten, where he has started to do odd-jobs as a handydog. His only hope is to get enough money to satisfy those blithering birdbrains, but if these stupid ponies can help him, then he’d swallow his pride and accept it, for Socks. Maybe this Resistance he keeps hearing about…

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Jack-of-all-Trades: He is good at just about anything, able to handle a variety of small trades, from plumbing to pest control.

Ex-Gangmember: His days as a member of the Ruby Rippers have made him an able-bodies and strong melee fighter, prone to using his claws for both digging and fighting.

Personal Timeline:
Meeting of Importance18.Nov. , evening

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Re: Joker[DiamondDog]

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