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Post by Sassaflash on Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:06 pm

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The Red Shirt account is a public account created by the staff for the community to use for those posts you just can't make yourself. Its sole purpose is to be used to make NPC posts. If you have a need to post actions for some NPC units; say you're hosting a thread with some griffons you can't control with your main account because you aren't allowed to- then this account is for you.

Please do not abuse this privilege, because it can and will be taken away. Also, the staff is fully capable of looking up who was the last to access the account, and what IP was used to make a post on it. You will be caught and can be punished for using the account to break the rules. You cannot change the information on it, so don't try. Again, this privilege can be taken from you

Username: Red Shirt
Password: cookiesandmilk

Have fun! Red Shirt Information 2222139670

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