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Post by Star Seeker on Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:10 am

Name: Star Seeker
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Occupation: Freelance Detective and Finder of lost articles
Likes: His pipe,  reading and debating: History, and magical theory
Dislikes: Carrots (For some reason he refuses to share, he isn't fond of them)
Astrology?: [WIP]
Special Talent: Noticing small details with a penchant for "connecting the dots"
Minor Talents: Well versed in magical theory, and general history surrounding major and minor unicorns
Alignment: Neutral... for now

Height: 4' 5"
Coat Color: Tannish Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Red
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Magnifying Glass

Star Seeker [Completed] Detective_sparks_facade_by_bigrodeo-d49vt49

As a Seeker, it is in his nature to find out the answers to mysteries, even when it is to his inconvenience or when it places him in danger. Luckily his lineage is more than a curse and a name, how he is in fact truly gifted despite having no outlet for his abilities. As a result he is quite a bit more perceptive than the average pony. A trait that never fails to lead him to find out things he wasn't suppose to, and tends to land him in more trouble than he cares to be in. 

Such a case was the time he noticed how a two professors were having secret "rendezvous" as one of the professor's collar was a bit ruffled around the same time, and how he only recently covered his neck with a scarf, despite the weather not being too cold. While the other's lipstick looked freshly applied on the break before lunch and how she seemed to take breaks to the supply closet regularly despite not being near out of quills, ink or parchment. After getting  pulled aside and being given detention for yet another fight, he angrily shot back their secret. Needless to say, he received a stern talking to about minding his own business. After that day, he also noted that the Stallion's collar remained pressed, and the Mare didn't seem to need as many supplies as before. 

Despite his father's disappointment in his hornless son, he never stopped reminding him of how he hailed from a lineage of greatness and power. How he shouldn't besmirch the name and how he should live up to such an honor rather than be a point of shame. Ever-seeking his father's approval, he never turns down a challenge or a chance to overcome an obstacle. 

While nopony wants to get bullied, Star at least recognizes that without the constant challenge of them to overcome, he wouldn't be as tough as he is today. While he is no master of close combat, he knows how to hit them where it hurts, more importantly how to take a blow and how to bounce back when things don't go his way. He learned his way around dodging flying rocks as he learned how to hold his ground against somepony bigger than him. Growing up being told he is stupid, slow or wrong all the time has left him with a bit of a stubborn streak as he seeks to prove otherwise. 

It was no secret that Star Seeker was the son of Storm Seeker, after all they shared a portion of the other's name, nor was it a secret that Star had a genuine interest in magical theory and the history surrounding it.  He would spend countless hours in the academy library, poring over books and talking to other students. He loved the peace, order and security that the library promised. Away from the teasing and bullies that populated his world outside. After all, what would a mud pony need with books, shouldn't he be working on a farm or cleaning a mess somewhere?

3000 Days or from book worm to bogyman:

It seemed strange that day, but not in hindsight, that his father ordered his family to take a trip to that remote town the week before that day. 

In an effort to rekindle his fractured family and do his father proud, a naive Seeker joined the equestrian military, however he did not end up with what he had expected. While waiting in line to be weighed and evaluated, his mind drifted and eyes wandered to an unusual pony who was simply watching from the corner. "Heeey... Kid, that line isn't for you... you should be in this line... don't worry... I'll lead you there. " No other ponies seemed to pay the unusual pony any heed, so he simply followed, losing his spot in line as if he was never there. 

He came across rows of simple desks with ponies hard at work reading and editing reports to printed, until he cam across an eagle eyed Pegasus, at least he looked like one from afar. "Greet-Why don't your wings match your body?" Star so in-eloquently blurted out, not having learned his lesson with the dating professors.

"Er...Er-hem..." The Pegasus recovered and glanced at the unusual pony, "I think he will do fine. Yes this one gets my stamp of approval..." With a stamp on the ground, the unusual pony disappeared and pegasus led Seeker into yet another room. "You're no doubt scared from what just happened, your entire home in Canterlot has been ransacked and ruined by griffons, ponies you knew and loved dead... no? Well what if I could help you deliver justice to the ponies responsible?" 

Star had a slightly puzzled look on his face, "But you just said the griffons did it, unless you mean somepony helped them from the inside?" The Pegasus nodded as Star spoke, "Quick you are... you'll do just fine... " He muttered to himself. Star felt uneasy, the idea of going after another pony, but if they were responsible for Canterlot, he couldn't say no. 

"You got yourself a pony!" The Pegasus let out a wry smile, "report back to me tomorrow right before daybreak Mr. Seeker, you have a long day ahead of you." With that his fate was sealed as an instrument of harmony, or rather its tuner, aiding to identify sour notes and help bring discorded strings back into the harmonious song we greatly enjoy.  

Many daybreak meeting and twilight dealings past as his training was of constant studying of psychology and physiology of many of the civilized races and a few of the the uncivilized ones, of code making and breaking, of blending into a crowd and disappearing , and a few self defense classes thrown in to break the monotony. He learned that not all battlefields resembled open fields or ruined cities, but rather  your own back yard. 

Star continued his role as a Counter intelligence agent, looking for enemy spies or potential collaborators to the Griffon Kingdom. As the war continued and morale hit an all time low, Star never really gave up. Either because he felt a need to prove himself worthy of his family name or he harbored a resentment to the griffons that took his old life away. Eventually his office disbanded its agents for fear of their capture, and his team scattered to the winds, surviving off of mercenary work. For Star this was a bitter contrast to serving the ponies he once held in high regard, but ever pragmatic he knew he had to survive. Now he finds himself in Manehatten, in search for more work, and as his only lead on finding his foalhood friend Comet Swirl.

Quotes I see him saying in the future:

"I always thought it was stupid to name your own children after a lineage, only to get the same dry reply from father, Of course you think it is stupid, your not a unicorn, if you were you'd understand the power names hold, how they define us, they bind us to our destinies. As yours is to seek out which you could never truly obtain... I never understood what he meant, but I think he knew what I really wanted out of life, his respect? His love? I don't think it was any of those as deep down I know I already had both those things. I think it was a spot of my own, a place among the heavens to be gazed upon by future generations, to be remembered and wished upon. I think he knew, and that is why he gave his only son, who didn't even have a horn, his family name..."

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Given his studies, he can recognize when things have been magically altered, it did help that his best friend considered illusions his forte and his very sister would occasionally practice her enchantments on him before she learned how much trouble such pranks would lead others to, such as the infamous day of "never say no..." Needless to say, when his gut tells him that something is off or doesn't feel normal, he usually follows his intuition. 

Personal Timeline: 
(Ignore these as they are on my to write later list in Flashbacks)
Extra stories from between Canterlot to Manehatten :

0600 Days after Enlistment - Becoming the "Cobalt Cap"
0900 Days after initiation -
1200 Days after Betrayal -
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Everything has come through fine, If you added more to your back story let us know and we will look over it once again  Star Seeker [Completed] 1848667513
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