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Name:Trench Coat
Age: 30
Occupation: Trader
Likes: money, whiskey
Dislikes: bad trades
Special Talent: Trading
Minor Talents: crossbow aim
Alignment: loyal to Griffons, neutral trading

Height: 4’6”
Coat Color: yellow
Mane/Tail Color: Red/Black
Eye color: Red
Cutie Mark: Three Bits

-thinks he’s wise, after he turned 30

Trenchcoat was born in a poor village near the Griffon Kingdom’s border. The villagers hadn’t an easy live. Winters were hard and even in the summer they could barely grow enough food to stay alive. If they couldn’t find a job on a farm they tried their luck in GK. One of these ponies was his dad. He wasn’t really strong so he couldn’t work on a farm. Actually he wasn’t really gifted with any physical skills at all, but there is one thing his dad is good at. Bargaining. And so he began to trade between the clans in the wilderness and the cities. Trenchcoat’s mother stayed home in Equestria and cared for the house and the kid, seeing her husband only on the weekends. This still wasn’t the life they dreamed of, so they moved to the Tsardom. Here Trenchcoat’s father could trade with the clans and the cities and see his family on the same day. Trenchcoat was ten as they moved and had a hard time integrating himself into the griffon society. He didn’t make many friends, but at least he wasn’t trashed often.
4 Years later his dad earned enough money to buy a used airship. Even it's rather slow it has enough space to began trading between GK and Equestria. With 15 Trenchcoat to get more involved in the company of his dad. Doing paper work and learning everything he needed to know to take over the company at some point. With 17 he was allowed to do his first trade alone. He needed to get some whiskey barrels to a rich Halden Dutchy. The trading conditions were negotiated before he delivered the whiskey and the griffon just had to sign the contract. After the contract was signed the griffon offered him a shot of his best whiskey to seal the deal. This was the time where he started to collect whiskey. Of course he started with the cheaper ones and as he made more trades he could afford the more expensive ones.
As the war started the government prohibited every interaction with Equestria including trading. A tough time began for the company of Trench’s father limited to trading between the clans and the cities.
In year three Trench were on a business trip that brought him to the House Aeryie. His reputation of loving good whiskeys preceded him and so he often got recommendations where he can find a good one. This time it was a bar in a dark alley, but it has the best whiskey in the city. The bar was moderately visited. He walked over to the bar and ordered their top three expensive whiskeys and savored them before he began to get drunk. After he gave himself a liquid courage he checked the bar for some mares to hit on. There were a few mares, but one stood out with her rainbow mane and piercings. He walked over to her and sat down. “Hey there~”, he said and the mare looked up. “Hey there,too~”, she replied and took a sip from her drink. Trench Coat sat down at her table.”Why does such a cute mare like you visit a filthy bar like this?”, he said trying to start a conversation. The mare looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Perhaps because I’m not so cute as you think I am and what does a fancy colt like you do here?”, the mare replied. Trench Coat looked down himself. He didn’t even wear a suit, but of course he didn’t look like a homeless pony, because he just came from a meeting. “Well”, he said. “I just came from a important business meeting and sold some weapons to a rich griffon, who wants to protect his trading fleet and now I want to spent some of it. Oh and I’m Trench Coat by the way.” The mare looked up curiously. The word weapon got her attention. “Where do you get your weapons?”, she asked. “Oh...mostly from blacksmiths and other traders”, he said and got closer to the mare, lowering his voice. “And sometimes from soldiers who want to earn some extra money, but pssssh!~” The mare gestured a zipping motion and winked at him. “Did you ever thought about a partner?” Trenchcoat raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think you mean a love-of-my-life-parnter, so why should I want you as a partner?” The mare chuckled. “Well, a smart businesspony like you will understand that expanding into new branches will be always profitable. Especially if there aren’t any costs for you. We would split the profit I make 80/20. You can keep all of your profit.” Trench Coat scratched his chin. This deal was just too good.”So, what’s the catch?”, he asked. The mare chuckled. “There isn’t a big catch. I would just need a room I can work in. Maybe you can show me the room later~”, she said with a wink. Trenchcoat grinned. “Why waste time?”, he said and emptied his glass.”I’m done here.” The mare nodded and followed him outside and to his ship.
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