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Phoenix [Experiment][Finished] [Version 2.0] Empty Phoenix [Experiment][Finished] [Version 2.0]

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Name: Phoenix
Species: Pegasus experiment (Longma)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Headhunter, GK soldier
Likes: Her strength,  hunting, warm weather
Dislikes: the death, being the only one of her kind, not being accepted
Special Talent: Combat
Minor Talents: opening doors (as rammbock)
Alignment: Griffons


Height: 5’1”
Coat Color: Dark red
Scale Color: metallic
Eye color: Orange
Cutie/Glyph Mark: None (through the changes)


Phoenix [Experiment][Finished] [Version 2.0] Img_6024_longma_by_doppelbob-d7230d8



Phoenix is thankful for the present of life the griffons have given her. She also is thankful for all the improvements she got. Of course she knows she'll never be normal again, but now she has more power than most creatures in Equestria or the Griffon Kingdom. She is the new weapon of GK and is proud of it.

Sometimes Phoenix feels lonely, since she will never belong to anyone. She’s no pony anymore, but neither is she a griffon. Sure, she is a member of the GK now, but often the griffons only see a “thing” or wild animal in her. Sometimes, when she has some time to think, she often wishes, there would be more of her “kind”, or at least someone who really accepts her.


Year 3 of the war:

“Do you fear death?”
That was the question she just got confronted with. Of course she did. Who didn´t?  But would she fear it enough to betray her own kind? She has never thought a griffon would ever ask her to join them and not even in the situation she was in: pinned down under a rock with her wings. Her body: full of cuts and wounds. Her other wing shredded by an explosion.
“Betraying my own kind?”
Something that would not have come to her mind earlier. But now, now where she was left behind by her comrades, left behind by her own race - to die. Now it seemed like an option. An option to escape the death. Maybe she will regret it, but for now she doesn’t.
She agreed, right before she fell unconscious due to the blood loss.

When she woke up again, she found herself fixed on a metallic table. She looked around and saw much different medical equipment. She also saw the griffon who brought her here. He now was wearing a white coat and was giving some instructions to a griffon and two unicorns. Then he went over to her, placing a claw on her shoulder. “Don't worry, this will only hurt for a short time.” Suddenly she felt a huge pain and fell unconscious again.

“Rise and shine, Phoenix”, a voice resounded. She wasn't sure if she was meant, but as the metallic table started to rotate to an upright position, she knew she was the pony in question.
As the table stopped, she directly looked into the griffons face. “Welcome back to the living.”
He took out his clipboard and wrote down some notes.
“Wha... what?”, she asked in confusion. She still felt a bit dizzy. “Maybe that will be confusing and frightening, but we changed a few things on you”, he said, putting a huge mirror in front of her.
She looked into the mirror. Her body was modified to a point where no one could recognize her. She wasn't herself anymore. She was something bigger, stronger and better now. She was something built to fight.
Her body got many improvements in comparison to other creatures. From her head, along the back to her tail (which looked more like a lizard’s) spread a line of scales with spines on them.
A line of smaller scales was on her throat down to her belly and tail. Another addition was a pair of horns. They were not to pierce armour or stab enemies but for blunt impacts.
To her surprise she also had wings again. She already had accepted her fate to not be able to fly anymore, but it seemed like her fate had turned. The “new” wings looked more like a dragon’s or a batpony’s wings, but still some feathers of her old wings were left at the edge.

She knew she will never be able to live a normal life again, only to fight for the GK. She was frightened, but otherwise, she now had escaped the death which frightened her even more.

Final Report on Project Phoenix

The test results show Phoenix is not the perfect warrior, since we found a few weaknesses.Her scales which should protect her from normal attacks, still get penetrated by some weapons. Also we found her flight speed got reduced due to the heavy weight and the changed wings. The horns are very robust, giving her the ability to use them as a battering ram. Her muscles developed as planned. The hard training gave her a good strength which is higher than the average pony strength.

In conclusion I can say she is a good warrior. We will use her in action to gather more information to see if it is profitable to create more of her kind.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:

+ scales out of alloy to protect her (still pierceable)
+ strong muscles

- slower movement in the air through the weight
- no cloudwalking ability

Personal Timeline:
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