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Clara 'Stitches'  Empty Clara 'Stitches'

Post by PureWrath on Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:54 am

Name: Clara 'Stitches'
Age: 18
Occupation: Training Doctor (Nurse
Likes: Helping others
Dislikes: Being judged.
Special Talent: Medical skills
Minor Talents: Gardening
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4'2
Coat Color: white
Mane/Tail Color: Blue and grey
Eye color: Bright blue


Personality: She is very helpful but she will abandon you if you make fun of her for what she is. She is generally quite friendly and admires anyone who has vast knowledge on any subject. especially if its on medical things or gardening. She will stop for anyone to lend a hoof...or a claw.

History: Clara's father was a regular trooper in the griffon Military. Her Mother was a farmer working in the griffon kingdom. She struggled but she enjoyed it. Clara wasn't really told how they fell in love or how she came to be. Apparently it was a long story. (Clara's mother was forced to pay off debts in a different way. Due to large taxes on land in griffon territory but Clara's father married and he took ownership which is how they avoided this situation afterward. Clara's father saved her mother from this vicious cycle. From this Clara isn't technically his Daughter but that never stopped him from looking out for her. They never told Clara this because she was such a kind soul they didn't want to destroy that.)

But Clara got her nickname 'Stitches' from her father when he came back from battle or training with small injuries Clara would spend the day trying to nurse her father back to good health. The other time she had she spent trying to help her mother with some farming and gardening. Once the war kicked off she barely saw her father until one day her mother and her were notified that he was MIA presumed lost among the dead. Clara wanted to join in the military so that she could practice her medical skills but her mother refuse and told her that she was too young to see such things. a few more years into the war. He mother was taken away for crimes of treason (Sending letters to her family in equestria.) Clara begged for mercy and her mother was spared but was forced into slavery. That Clara couldn't save her from. Clara was out of a home the griffon seized all assets. That's when Clara realized that they just wanted the farm, it had nothing to do with her mother. Clara tried to appeal this but soon she was threatened for her life. So she fled. The war was over but Clara was able to get past check points for being part griffon and posing as a Doctor. She spent her time in manehatten healing up injured troops and civilians from the war and riots and the occasional hate crime. What happened at home left a bad taste in her mouth. She now wants to become a skilled doctor and hopefully free her mother if she can.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: No real abilities besides being a good medic and gardener.

Personal Timeline: (once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.)

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Clara 'Stitches'  Empty Re: Clara 'Stitches'

Post by Thorin on Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:16 pm

Looks good to go to me, Approved!

The chatbox is here ( ) if you havent found it yet (It took me ages to find it myself)

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