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Name: Maya Blackwing
Species: Pegasus
Gender: female
Age: 23
Occupation: Owner and barkeeper of a metal/rock bar named the steel hoof
virtue: egoism
Special Talent: good with crossbow hits targets over more than 160 feet
Minor Talents: good at mix drinks or drink (good liver),and she can torture you very effective


Height: 4'2"
Coat Color: Dark blue
Mane/Tail Color: Black/gray
Eye color: Yellow (mostly wears her sunglasses)
Cutie Mark: whiskey bottle

Maya Blackwing [Pegasus] Rp_pon10

Maya Blackwing [Pegasus] Rp_bla10


Revenge is her primary, because she was tortued when she was captured by the griffons. She want to see them in agony, in pain or in graves. She also is very serious with her business. if you drink something and pay for it you´re welcome, but if you wont pay you will have a bad time. Griffons are not allowed there, for good reasons. It would be a bloodbath when griffons came in her bar, and that wouldnt be good for the business.

She is no pony of big words, she trys to avoid long conversations. Maya didn´t want to get mistakenly in some form of firendship.the scars in her heart were to big. She can´t risk to loose someone she likes again. And she is one of the ponies that first hiting and then questioning you. Summond up, she´s a real badass pony who you better don´t piss off.


A big crossbow under the counter of her bar hidden behind some bottles
Little crossbow in and a flask of whiskey in the inside pockets of her vest


Maya lived a normal live before the war.She just was 11, when the war startet. Her mother was a bartender in a very fancy resturant and had to raise Maya alone.Her father died in a tragic work accident, before she was born.As soon as the war begans she got seperated form her mother and had to survive on herself.She became a trader of alcohol to survive, because in these hard times many ponies startet to drink. She was no exception.

One time, when she made a normal delivery to a group of soldiers, they got attacked by the griphons. She thought they would kill her, but the griffons took her to a griffon outpost and tied her up. After three days captured by the griffons, they came to her to get informations about the ponyarmy´s movings. they harmt her brutaly and slowly. but she didn´t know everything. They had broken her wings and tossed her back to the ruins where they found her. "This will be the end" she thought, but a lonely unicorn found her and with his healing magic he helped her.She told herself to became stronger to take revenge to the griffons.Maya and the unicron got back to the equestrian army and Maya startet to train herself. The soldiers showed her many combat techniques and she learned how to handle many weapons.The crossbow is her favorite weapon, she could hit targets, wich where more than 160 feet away. While she lived with the others, they were like a familiy to her. They had a good time at their outpost, for a long time no griffon showed up there, but one day there was a big attack and they all had to fight. Maya shot many of the griffon soldiers and when the griffons were gone, she thought they had won.But after the battle Maya saw that she was the only survivor, she cried when she found the corpses of the unicorn that saved her and the other soldiers. This was the point where she stopped to get in friendships or things like that, because she didn´t want to feel the pain again in her heart. The only thing she cares about now is her life, the business and to get her revenge.

OCT 30 The grand opening
Undated - making new friends
NOV 14 Old souls, Old stories
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