Freyja (Pegasus)[Complete]

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Freyja (Pegasus)[Complete]

Post by Freyia on Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:43 pm

Name: Freyja
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Occupation: Warrior
Virtue/Vice: Love of beauty through battle. Freya is a beautiful pegasus that loves everything beautiful. However what she finds most beautiful is strength, valor, and honor and feels that fighting is the only true way to express it.
Special Talent: Close Combat-similar to dueling
Minor Talents: Intuition, Superior Flight Agility (not the fastest, but very agile), Battle Fervor (similar to a viking berserk but not as insane), Tracking 

Height: 4'8"
Coat Color: White
Mane/Tail Color: Gold and Yellow
Eye color: Gold
Cutie/Glyph Mark: The Moon Valknut


Freyia was born in the griffon kingdoms, and as such, she became a strong individual who can take a hit a deal one back. She is proficient with a modified griffon spear, Wælcyjra, a massive six foot long rod tipped with a 6” blade that fixes to a point. The spear was modified to be hollow so as to be able to be wielded by a pony, while not sacrificing strength or flexibility. With this modification, she learned to strike swiftly and accurately, no allowing time for her spear to break. She wears armor that allows her to fix the spear to herself for a charge attack, and wears special bracelets that allow her to hold and twirl the massive weapon with her forelegs. She stands taller than most ponies, and has above average strength for a pegasus.

Her personality appears cold at first glance. She has not had much sentient contact in her life, and as such can appear cold and jaded. But underneath is a heart of gold , and a desire to help any who need it, even an enemy. However, meet her on the battle field and witness a completely different pony. Most call her a war monger or even psychotic, but she does not fight for the brutality of it. She believes that through combat, a person becomes whole, and that fulfillment is the most beautiful thing in this world. She despises those who desert or abandon a fight, and will crush those who do without hesitation. She always fights fair, relying on superior tactics and skill to win her the day. If those prove too little for victory, she humbly accepts defeat, without fear of the consequence.

She always has a clam mind, and thinks things out thoroughly. Her experience in battle has given her a talent for strategy, though the griffons would never let her plan a fight. Her instincts have been shaped to a keen edge, having to survive in one of the most harsh environments of even the griffon lands. A love of gold has been something that has plagued her even as a child. She loves the metal and will go to great lengths to obtain it, however never sacrificing her honor or valor for it. She is also a bit naive when it comes to others. Being alone most of her life, she tends not to know what the different customs of other creatures are, and often mistakes good actions for bad and impolite actions for politeness.

The old Griffon Kingdom was no place for a pony. The harsh landscape and even harsher inhabitants were unforgiving to any creature. Despite this, Equestria sent two ambassadors to live in the kingdoms. The griffons were not too keen on this, and tested their skills and luck by forcing them to live in the harsh tundra. These two ponies, however, were not weak, and managed to scrape a decent home for themselves. It was in this small cabin that the pegasus known as Freyia was born. In the harsh landscape she lived, learned, and grew. Her parents’ job was to ensure continued peace between the two kingdoms, a tireless job. As such, Freyia was left on her own much of the time as a child. Not having another pony in the world, she looked to the griffons for how to act. She witnessed the ferocity, brutality, and strength of these creatures. Doing as they did, she began to train herself, performing the same customs she would witness from the tribes: sleeping in blizzards, hunting her own food, fighting for her right to exist; but she had something they didn't. Her father had a number of texts, poems, and stories. Mostly of ancient history, and most of those focused on the wars, the battles, and the heroes. She learned of honor, respect, and peace of mind. She meditate on these every day, often while she trained.

Once Freyia was old enough, she ran away from her parents and tried to join the griffon army. It had been decreed that all youths entering adulthood serve in the military, and the stories of her youth that romanticized battle, well she couldn't not join. At first they laughed her out of the room. But everyday for a month she would wait outside the recruitment center for the entire day. Patiently waiting to be called in. Her persistence paid off when they finally called her name. They told her that if she could pass basic training she would be allowed to enlist. Those months were the hardest of her life. The other griffons made sure to give her the worst of everything, even her fellow recruits. But she persevered, using the hardships to make her tougher, stronger, and more motivated than ever. At the end of the months, they almost didn't let her pass, but having not only completed the training, but exceeding expectations of even griffons, they enlisted her into the Light Infantry.

Her first squadron was a wash. They made her clean and cook while they went out to drill. After a few months of this, the disrespect was almost too much to bare, and she snapped. While the platoon was out doing drills, Freyia joined them in the air. She flew circles around the clumsy troops, completing all objectives before any of them knew what had happened. The result, court marshal for insubordinate conduct toward non commissioned officer. She was not discharged, but was awarded to do time in military prison. She served her time with humility, suffering worse at the hands of criminals. She repented of her quick temper and vowed never to be so hot headed and hasty again, and to never disobey an order. 

When the war started, they released the prisons and enlisted them, including Freyia. There was hesitation about putting her in the real army and not with the pony levies, but her skill was something that could not be wasted, and a little convincing from her didn't hurt the decision either. Having never been to Equestria, she felt no connection to the ponies from the south, and no qualms with fighting them. Her next Platoon was much better this time, lead by a LT that didn't care what you look like or where you came from, only that you fight hard. At first there was a little trouble with the other griffons, but after the first battle of Stalliongrad, she proved her worth. If it weren't for her, half her platoon probably wouldn't have made it.

The next few years was a dream come true for Freyia. She fought in the most glorious battles and her squad treated her like a sister. Time and again they won commendations, praise, and respect of their Officers. There was even rumors that Freyia could be transferred to the Aquillan Valkyrie school, the elite aerial warriors of the griffon military, a childhood dream. Her old LT, now Captain, said he'd push the paperwork through himself. 

Life was good, until Operation Windfall. The failure of griffon intelligence and logistics proved too much even for their company. Only a handful survived by the end. After that, Freyia was placed in a new squad, one that didn't know of her past deeds. And thus she suffered the same terrible disrespect as before. No matter how hard she worked, how well she fought, there was no earning it back.

Since the end of the war Freyia has been shuffled from one station to the next, serving as cook, janitor, pack mule, even dead cleanup. This new post proves slightly more promising, as she has orders to be part of the Manehatten Guard, whether that will come to pass remains to be seen. For now, Freyia is weary of the griffons disrespect, and it might not be long before she breaks her vow, and forces them to give her the respect she deserves. That is, unless the ponies do something foolish first.

Special Descriptions:
Battle Fervor - When in intense battle or situations, Freyia tends to tunnel vision on her task, whether that be her opponent or escape. This also results in her ability to shrug off pain, and be able to stand even when she shouldn't be able to.

“There are many forms of strength, strength of mind, strength of will, strength of body. Only in battle do these come together and reveal the true individual. And in that moment is beauty.”


December 17, Midnight: Trespassing?
December 19, Night: Searching the Aftermath
December 25, Noon: [RIOT EVENT] Helping the Enemy
December 29, Midday: Already Making Friends
Many random days, random times: Law and Order

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Re: Freyja (Pegasus)[Complete]

Post by Johan Tercel on Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:49 am

Looks good. Not much to critique, as the app is well made and approaches all of GK's standards. Approved, and welcome to the RP!
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