Comet Swirl (unicorn) (complete)

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Comet Swirl (unicorn) (complete)

Post by Comet Swirl on Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:40 am

Name: Comet Swirl
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Magic Student
Likes: Wandering, Magic, Friends, Exploring
Dislikes: The Hickups
Special Talent: Knowledge, Illusion spells
Minor Talents: Levitation
Alignment: Undecided

Height: 4'3”
Coat Color: Cobalt Blue
Mane/Tail Color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A comet with a swirling tail and a magical star


Personality: Kind and honest, Comet could do nopony wrong. He is not prone to violence, and prefers to use his mind to fight his battles. Though he has been known to fight when necessary. He is diligent and persistent, always willing to do the math and show his work in any situation. He can finish a book in a few hours, and write one in a few days. He cares greatly for his family and friends and will instantly prioritize them above his studies; though while no such thing is needed he will put every effort forward to them.

To Comet, studying or working toward learning something is infinitely valuable, as most knowledge-seekers would agree. Every day yields a new message, and every event throughout the day teaches him something. While he is not held down by research in, say... a library, Comet wanders from place to place in a continuous search for knowledge and new magic. He considers himself a student still and likely always will, as it was him who said that life is a learning experience in itself.

History: Born to a wealthy family in Canterlot, Comet Swirl was the son of two employees of Celestia's Magic Academy. His mother was a unicorn mare who specialized in and taught the magic of illusions or the altering of light to produce some-what realistic illusions, depending on one's skill level and talent. (the spells Trixe use to cast are examples of average illusion spells.) His father was a pegasus stallion who studied the magic pegasus ponies use to alter weather and the history of Equestria. As Comet grew, both of his parents mentored and taught him. He entered into the academy as an adolescent and at first, didn't catch on as quickly. Comet's resolve was strong, and he was determined to do his best. However, he wasn't near as talented as his classmates. His determination grew with each of his failures, however. His greatest ability involved illusion spells, passed down and taught to him by his mother. Eventually, his failures caught up to him. However, where he lacked in more powerful magical talent he made up for in brains. His father taught him of magic theory, history and racial magic.

Eventually, Comet aged past his youth and was becoming a young stallion. Realizing he could not learn the spells other, more talented unicorns could, Comet spent most of his time outside of class and in the academy's library. After years, Comet had come close to learning most of the information that could be learned. He gained his cutie mark as he studied the night time sky and the different consolations, and deciphered their magical properties and meanings throughout history. He was officially a scholar. Soon he wanted to know more, and to do so meant accessing information that may have been “restricted”. He gained access to this knowledge through various ways. He assisted the school, and gained permission from professors and the like to study specific subjects. But for those he knew he would not be able to obtain through rightful means, he had to sneak to aquire. He was only caught once, but continued to sneak around. He was nearly expelled after being caught a second time, and afterward learned a spell that helped him sneak by bending the light around him to be like the shadows. He obtained the information he desired, and soon began to plan. He dare not mention to his parents what his studies and plans entailed, as he knew they would certainly disapprove.

Comet's fascination with ancient kingdoms and history quickly got the better of him, and by his twelfth year he was nearing the end of his education. After that it would be up to him to seek out his own knowledge. He left Canterlot and the academy wearing a hooded cloak, carrying with him several stolen texts from the library's secret archives, potions, food and other materials. He would not return unless he had with him an ancient artifact said to have been created by Star Swirl the Bearded himself to aid in the campaign against Discord. He spent years traveling Equestria in search of clues and bits of misinformation which could lead him one step closer to his goal. Eventually he was lead in the right direction, and after searching the old kingdom's ruins in the Everfree Forest he found its hiding place. However when he arrived, it had already been discovered by somepony else.

Comet continued to travel, doing research and attempting to track the artifact down. But it was no use. Exhausted and discouraged, Comet returned to the academy and his home after being gone for three, long years. However, after arriving and being welcomed, there was sudden news of attacks by Griffon forces from the north. Comet's parents assisted in the efforts against the invaders, an endeavor which unfortunately claimed Comet's father when he was ambushed on the trail by a Griffon raid party. Comet's mother was lost to grief, and eventually could no longer stand the stresses of the war and sought refuge in her arts. Her study and overuse of illusion magic soon weakened her to a breaking point, and she fell into a coma after a terrible accident which involved a blinding light and a magical discharge which backfired into her horn.

Comet fled after this. He was assured that his mother would be safe, hidden away in the depths of the academy which never lost pony control. Little did he know that the academy had been taken over and demolished completely after the war ended and his mother was moved to a secret location. He knew he had to acquire this artifact in order to find the power to save her, and possibly even help Equestria reclaim itself. For four years had not seen home as his searching took precedence, and he trusted the ponies caring for his mother. He would some day return to learn the devastating news, and seek out his mother's hidden location.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Illusion spells; can create bright flashes, dark shadows, a color spectrum, artificial images and ghostly figures with light. Also knows small, useful skills such as sharpen blade, conjure fire, etc etc.

Personal Timeline: N/A
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