Neutral Leader - Fence

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Neutral Leader - Fence

Post by Fence on Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:59 pm

Name: Fence
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Occupation: Head of the Black Market
Likes: Sleeping, money, a good drink
Dislikes: Excessive risk, window shoppers, noisy people
Special Talent: Operating a business
Minor Talents: Basic economic theory, dealing with criminals
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4’4”
Coat Color: Dull blue
Mane/Tail Color: Grey
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A bag of coins


Personality: Fence appears at first glance to be a very lazy pony, being just as likely to be awake as asleep in any time of day or night, even while manning a stall during work hours. He proves to be very capable in his work despite this: He can be very intelligent and patient when dealing with others as long as he is awake, and there has yet to be any successful attempt to steal his wares if he’s anywhere near his stall, even if he appears asleep. His interactions with others almost seem boring to him, with his very monotone and reserved style of speech.
His primary motivation for much of what he does is money: he runs his market the way he does so that he can receive profit and benefit. This is not to say he has an all-consuming desire for it: He is well aware of the value of allies, such as Fleet and Serene, and he keeps himself aware of the fact that money simply for money’s sake leads to ruin, one way or another; and so he runs his market, takes in his profits, and provides his partners with additional funds if they need any, or otherwise spends it where it’s best used.
When all things are considered, when all his achievements are considered, it’s clear: A lot of thought goes on in that head, easily missed while hidden behind his lazy appearance and bored tone.

History: Fence is a Canterlot-born Pegasus, raised by a business pony who he seemed set to follow in the hoofsteps of, showing great capability and willingness in the trade. In his youth, his father encouraged him to interact with others while he still had the time, so that he could get connections that might serve him well in his work (not to mention develop social skills, ultimately for the same effect). One such excursion led him to meet Fleet, with whom he built the base for a friendship, and who led him to consider the idea of thievery more thoroughly. The idea of a market of illegal goods occurred as a relatively rarely-tackled market, though it wouldn’t be until later that he took the idea seriously.
With the war, and the conquering of Canterlot and the rest of Equestria, Fence fled to Manehattan. He set to work establishing his own market, inspired by the thief from Canterlot: One to buy and to sell illegally, right under the griffon’s noses. It remained quite small for a time, until by chance Fence reunited with Fleet in a Manehattan bar. From there, Fence’s role in the partnership of what are now the Survivalist trio began.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:

Personal Timeline: (once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.)

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