Neutral Leader - Fleet Hoof

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Neutral Leader - Fleet Hoof

Post by Fleet Hoof on Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:53 pm

Name: Fleet Hoof
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Leader of the Thieves’ Guild
Likes: Humor, a good drink
Dislikes: Bossy people
Special Talent: Stealth
Minor Talents: Theft
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 3’10”
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: White
Eye color: Blue
Cutie Mark: A feather


Personality: Fleet Hoof is a laid back pony with a mischievous side. Although, the war has made him a bit more serious at times, his cheeky personality still shines through most of the time. He enjoys taking a nap as much as cracking a joke. Despite appearing quite care-free and lazy, he can quickly become deadly serious if something important is at stake.

Fleet hoof is rather cocky and arrogant of his abilities as a thief.  However, this arrogance only comes out in the form of boasting, as he would never risk compromising himself or Serene from overconfidence.

He is very loyal and will stay by his friends no matter what. He will often listen to his friends rather than his own opinions due to him not wanting to argue. While quite trusting of ponies, he will only consider the most trustworthy and dependable ponies as his friends.

History: Fleet Hoof was left at the steps on the Canterlot orphanage. His true parents were never known to him. He constantly snuck out of the orphanage at night to explore the city. The maze of alleyways and secrets interested him, and he soon developed a mental map of all the shortcuts and hidey-holes in the city. He also found out he was adept at taking things that were not his when nopony was looking. The knowledge of the city proved to be useful as when the griffons attacked, he was able to sneak out of the city. However, when he left the city, he was spotted by a griffon  squad. He was left for dead in the middle of a forest, slowly bleeding out from his wounds.

Miraculously, he woke up. A pony had saved him, a pony by the name of Serene Tranquility. Fleet was determined to pay his debt back to her, and with no other goal in mind, decided to follow Serene and help her. This friendship quickly developed over time, and the two soon became inseparable. Together, they traveled around Equestria, stepping over the remains of the once great nation to help ponies in need. He quickly picked up combat skills with knives, and he continued his skills in sneaking and subterfuge.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:

Personal Timeline:

December 14, Mid-Day: Harmony is Quite a Few Donations Away
December 28, Late Night: A New Recruit

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