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Staff Bulletin, Dec. 2., 2013 Empty Staff Bulletin, Dec. 2., 2013

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New faction searching for VIP players
Hijinks and Tayari have come up with a neutral faction which already got staff approval, and now they are searching for a third player for their VIPs. Find the suggestion here.

Chat RP Now Officially Canon
One of the biggest problems this site is suffering from is the slow speed of the RP. Important threads take weeks over weeks to come to completion and meanwhile block other threads. This makes it practically impossible to ever get somewhere in the overall story, so we have decided to take measures against it.

In the left side bar of the Portal there's a button "Enter RP Chat" (only if you're logged in). It brings you to a login/registration form, where you only have to set a password for your chat-account. If the registration is successful, it will redirect you to the actual chat. If you already have a chat account, the button will redirect you to the actuall chat as well, instead of the registration form.

If you have any troubles with the registration or the chat, please contact Shadowstrike.

Now, how does this work? Well, I suppose most of you are well aware of the concept of chat RP. It's just like in the forum, only that the posts are usually shorter and happen in much higher frequency. Chat RP tends to be less descriptive and more action based, which makes it easy to achieve a lot in relative short time. However, RP isn't all about speed, and the high detaill of forum posts definitely has its flavor, and we'll keep it alive.

Chat RP is to be used to speed up parts of an RP that relies on quick interaction (fights or some conversations for example) that is likely produce many short posts in a row. Thanks to different time zones and some other factors, such scenes would take unnecessarily long, so you are free to make a chat RP out of it. Simply agree on a date to do it, and within an hour you might be through the critical part.

We apply the same rules as we do in the forum: No powerplaying, the owner of a character decides what happens to the char, and so on. But once a chat-RP is done, there are some things to do: You need to copy the chat log and edit it for display in the thread it belongs to. This includes removing time stamps, replacing lost formatting, removing OOC messages and so on. As soon as you think it is a good read, post it in your thread and wait for approval (or other feedback). A member of the Thread Watch will get to it as soon as possible.

Here's an example on how it might look after editing. Note that I played both, Silver Lining and Silvern Gleam, so I had the freedom to join their parts together (which I somehow only did at the beginning, then I forgot about it...):

After editing:
Silver Lining and Silvern Gleam were already present in Silver's office, waiting for Prism to return from the infirmary. The mood was tense after the failed supply run that had left Joker, doctor of the Undercity's hospital, in griffon claws, and now they had to decide how to handle the situation. They had agreed to not start without the captain, for obvious reasons: He had been the one leading the run and knew what exactly had happened, and he was the one with military experience. So as a result, Silvern Gleam walked up and down the room, while Silver Lining sat on her chair, throwing regular looks at her watch.

Prism walked into the room with a limp now that the pain medication was started to wear off. They had offered him more but he had told them to save it for those that needed it. He didn't start with a nice friendly 'hello'; he got to the point and he was pissed over what had happened. "Right, lets not waste more time then we already have!" As he limped up to Silver's desk.

Silvern Gleam noticed early that Prism was approaching, easily recognizing him through the closed door. She sat down before he was in, and through that notifyied Silver Lining that waiting time was finally over, which protected her efficiently from being startled at Prism's usual rough entry. The earth pony nodded at his suggestion. "Indeed. Mind giving us a detailed report of what happened?"

This was a report Prism was not going to be happy to give. "We were setup, they knew where we would be and when. It was clear their target was the good doctor Joker and they didn't know or care about the rest of us. If it was for some luck and the toys I got from Megabyte we would of lost a lot more." He stopped to think for a moment then added "O and they were military or ex military based on the tactics that they were using." He was not one for sitting down in Silver's office, even though she would ask him most of the time, but this time it was painful for him to stand so he took a seat.

Silvern Gleam raised an eyebrow in surprise. "The doctor? What do they want with him? He's not really one for top secret information or anything."

"The doctor himself really isn't that important to them, as far as I know at least", Silvern agreed partially. "But he was the one with the contact I suppose?"

"Well it shows he was the only one they knew about would be there and maybe they can get some information out of him. Like where we are or our numbers." Prism took a moment to think a bit more, but the pain was making it hard to stay focused. He hid it well, but every now and then it would get to him "Sounds like the are going after any leads they got."

"As a diamond he most likely knows the tunnels well, and we can't change all of them at once", Silvern said frowningly. "But either way, I hope we all agree that we have to get them out."

Silver Lining sighed, this was the core of the problem. "Yes, but a prison break isn't exactly as easy as raiding a warehouse", she said, wondering if they could pull it off with their current numbers and equipment. "And without knowing who it was who captured him we don't even know where to go. The city guard probably uses another prison than the military, and though the military isn't allowed within the city, I wouldn't put it behind them anyway."

"We need to know where he has been taken as there is no point going anywhere till we work that out, and what the griffon military has is something we don't have much intel about." Prism started to think about how they could go about getting what they needed or if there was anything that marked the griffon's out were they may have come from.

"De'Luge... If we were to successfully get prisoners out of there, it would give us a major morale boost and quite possibly valuable assets", Silver mused. The military base off the shore might just become their next target. "But it's certainly nothing to attempt based on a guess. Silvern, you have the most contacts in the city, do you think you can find where Joker is held?"

Silvern Gleam nodded. "I'll see what I can do, but this won't be as easy as finding out what goes into a warehouse. Contacts within guard ranks are hard to come by, but I know some ponies who might be able to help."

Prism smiled "Well that is some good news, once we find out were he is and can get some plans of the place or at lest an idea of the layout then we can work out a plan." He had calmed down a lot now "It will be good to give them some pay back."

Silvern Gleam smiled. "If Joker is held in the Griffon Headquarters it's actually not too unlikely that I get my hooves on some blueprints. It's a building from before the war, might be that they didn't manage to secure all documents about it."

Silver Lining looked unsatisfied despite the relatively good chance on getting information about a griffon base. Is there anything more to do until we find more? I don't like to simply wait on the matter."

"Well the equestrian military used it as a base after Canterlot was lost. Sadly I never visited the place even when got moved to Manehattan and going in blind would just get more captured or killed at this point." Prism didn't want to wait but he knew there was times when you had too.

Waiting while a friend of the rebellion probably had to face torture definitely wasn't what Silver had in mind. "At least look out for potential members for the mission. One loss on the mission and it was basically worthless, so I want the team as well trained as we can get it while we wait."

Silvern Gleam quickly picked up on it as it reminded her of something Prism had asked of her. "Speaking of training, you should pick some up as well."

"I already have a few in mind that will be useful, and Silvern is right. You need to be able to look after yourself", Prism agreed, remembering the talk that he had with Silvern the other day.

Silver Lining looked at the other ponies as if they had just stated the most ludicrous idea possible. "Prism, you know that I'm not suited for the battlefield anyway. It's best if I stay away from it and run if things get hot, just like you always tell me to."

"And I still want you to do that, but you can't always run, so having the basics under your mane means you have even better chance of getting away." Prism took a deep breath he hoped she would see his point but chose to add, "Today's events show that things are going to only get more dangerous and I am sure Silvern will back me up saying everyone needs a basic level of training."

Silvern Gleam smirked. "I hardly can keep track of the battlefield and still decided to take up combat training. You don't have many excuses."

Silver Lining was obviously not on friendly terms with the suggestion as the disdain in her expression clearly showed. "Combat... No. Just no! You can bury me under bodyguards if you must, but I'm not picking up a weapon. I'll probably cut myself before the enemy!"

"Well that's the idea of the training to stop you cutting yourself and there is only so many bodyguards I can throw at you." Prism stopped to get this trough, once more pushing the pain away. "If you are worried about others watching you train, I can give you lessons in private", he added, hoping that this would make her agree to it.

That was indeed part of Silver Linings worries. She was a pony of charisma, a leader; a pony of style and elegance. She didn't want anypony see her crawling in the dirt because she had once again lost balance or because she was out of breath after just two minutes of training. Yes, the rebellion's leader wasn't a strong pony, but it would do no good if it was that obvious. Private lessons made it a little less bitter, but such a dirty and exhausting sport still didn't go well with her. "I'll still have cuts and bruises", she argued. "And the training would keep me away from my work, I already have enough to do."

"Then maybe you should get a secretary", Silvern said, pointing her blind eyes at the desk showing off said work. "Those stacks of paper are thick enough that even I easily notice them, it can't be that you have to go through all of this yourself. I can help you with finding a good pony for the job."

"And I promise not to give you too many cuts or bruises in places that can easily be spotted", Prism said thinking of his own training and knowing what it was like, but he wouldn't work Silver that hard. She wasn't joining the army, just doing it to look after herself.

Silver Lining stared at Prism with a stubborn expres​sion(on Silvern it would have been lost anyway), but she knew that she couldn't win here. Prism alone already was hard to convince if he had his mind set on something, and with Silvern backing him this was a lost game. "Fine. But about that secretary: It needs to be somepony who can keep a secret. No Scintillance."

Silvern Gleam blushed on the request. Her assistant's... "unusual" character unfortunately had moved her a bit into the crossfire among high command, and she could do little than to agree with them that Lance' behavior was unacceptable. But there weren't many with his talent of magic, so she didn't have much of a choice. For a secretary however, she didn't have that restriction. "No Scintillance, I promise."

Prism gave the best smile he could muster through the pain. "Well, we get you started on training once you have a secretary." He was happy that Silver had said 'no Scintillance', as that stallion really needed a good hard whack to knock some sense into him.

With a frown of defeat Silver quickly changed the topic. "Since we're already having a meeting, there's something more I want to talk about, regarding management of the Undercity. Apart from the diamond dogs there is no form of police and no real dispute settlement body. It's remarkable that this city isn't even more run down, but I guess the diamond dogs did at least some things right. We already have patrols in the outer tunnels, but I want them in the city itself as well. Additionally I want to establish a court for conflict settlement, to be used voluntarily since we have no real jurisdiction down here. I want your opinions on it."

Silvern Gleam pondered the idea for a little bit before answering. "I'll have to talk with the diamond dogs about that, they might feel stepped on their paws. Regarding civilian personnel, while we probably would get some volunteers it probably is difficult to find volunteers actually suited for the task. A public call would probably still work best, as soon as I'm sure that we'll have no uneasy consequences from the diamond dogs."

"Well it would be good to get some order down here as everyone is more or less running around doing what they want" This sort of thing was normally over his head but over the years Prism had picked up a few things. "Well, I can pick out a few that seem to have the right mind set to patrol the city if we get the go ahead and give the volunteers a once over make sure we are not getting any rotten apples."

Silver Lining nodded, cheered up a little that at least this went her way, even though she had never expected much trouble with it. "We'll have to set clear rules for the patrols on how to act. We can't afford to overstep our boundaries, but we also can't afford to idly stand by. Silvern, this is in your hooves. You know best what the diamond dogs would agree to. But pass the proposal to me and Prism before you give it to the dogs. That would be all from my side."

Silvern Gleam: "Will do", Silvern said noddingly, her horn glowing for a moment to make a few notes within the magical structure of a small crystal in her saddlebag. "But for now I better get working on Joker's location."

Prism nodded, "Once I get the info back on Silvern I will work on guidelines for the patrols, and once you have any info on Joker let me know and I will start to draw up plans how to do our attack." He said still sitting down not sure he wanted to get up for a bit.

"Good, then this meeting is over", Silver concluded. "That means off to bed for you, Prism. Are you sure the infirmary was ready to let you go?"

"I am not about to lay around in some infirmary. I can still walk so I am fine", Prism lied. As he stayed seated in the chair, he was working up the energy to get up. He knew it was going to hurt when he did, so he was getting himself ready for it. He didn't like it when he was weak like this and hated even more when others could see him. It was his job to make sure they stay safe after all.

"You two really never stop argueing, do you? One more stubborn than the other", Silvern said with a chuckle. "I'm on Silver's side here. When I see it, it's not subtle anymore. Rest your injuries, then you're more quickly back to full capacity. It doesn't pay to wear yourself out."

Silver Lining quickly joined in the chuckle. "The blind pony sees what you don't. Think about that."

Prism let out a low grumble "Fine I will go to what I call a bed if it will make you happy", he said as he got up from the chair. It hurt but he kept it quite as he stood up.

"It's not like it isn't late night already anyway, and you only really can start acting after I brought some results in", Silvern said as she walked to the door and opened it. For a moment she had considered aiding Prism in his way to his room, but came to the conclusion that it would only hurt his pride. "Good night!"

Prism made his way to the door doing his best not to limp too much much as he did. "I will see you in the morning", he said as he left.

"Good night to you too", Silver said and leaned back in her chair, staring thoughtfully at the rocky ceiling. A prison break. Two weeks after the founding, and they were already going to get somebody out of what probably was a highly guarded base. And then there was this training... Silver stood up and walked to her mirror. Her mane was a little out of place, but for once she didn't need her reflection to fix her appearance. Instead she tried to imagine herself with the possible results of combat. She already had her left ear missing, how would a scar over the cheek look with it? A heavy frown announced the idea as dismissed. The other ear, not so much in the center? Of course not completely off, but maybe a slash in it? "GAH, NO!" she exclaimed, putting her hooves behind her head. "This combat training is a terrible idea!"
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