Laguna Lifebloom [Caniff][Complete]

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Laguna Lifebloom [Caniff][Complete]

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:25 am

Name: Laguna "Essence of Snow" Lifebloom
Species: Caniff (Dog-Breeder)
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Occupation: Dishonored Ballet Dancer/Unemployed
Likes: Dancing, Performing, Listening to Powerful Musicians
Dislikes: Dishonorment, Being Poor, Anyone Mocking her Canine Appearance
Astrology?: :Capri: 
Special Talent: Being a symbol of beauty and graceful strength through dance
Minor Talents: Unflinching ambition, intelligence, neutrality towards the Occupation
Alignment: Griffons, Neutral, Undecided

Height: 5' 2" or 157cm
Coat Color: White, Black "Socks"
Eye color: Dark Red, seemingly Black


In public, she appears as a rich, noble griffon should, if not very stylized. She is graceful, quiet, and seems to exude an air of royal indifference without being cocky or brash about it. She maintains a look of silent beauty, and when she speaks it is with a quiet, bell-like voice that speaks wonders of her modest singing ability. Her exotic form makes her very attractice to male griffons, and her modest personality disarms and confuses jealous female griffons.

However, the mask comes off when she is alone or "off-stage". She is still graceful and beautiful, but her heart is a little more cold, as though her white fur really is snow. She cares little for the plights of others, but does have standards of morality, mainly that ponies, while certainly not equal to their griffon overlords, should be treated as second class citizens, not potential food sources.

She is also fond of wealth. She tasted it once, and neglected to prepare for her unforeseen fall from grace. Now, she intends to do whatever it takes to gain back that wealth and power, and her dream is to have enough that if she is dishonored again, she can live the rest of her life on a bed made of money.

To her fans, she is Laguna Lifebloom, the so-called Essence of Snow from the sensational ballet troupe Sarro L'Sole. An extremely talented and stunning beautiful griffon, she leaves a trail of broken hearts and dedicated fans behind her as she dances her way to wealth, power and connections. Her enchanting form and graceful sway has single-clawedly made the troupe as highly recommended as it is. The Tsar himself has even sat through one of her performances.

However, behind the light is Laguna Lifeblood, the urchin from Sanguino Muertez, a small village just outside of Poconote, on the island of Guartes, far to the west of Equestria. She was born not into nobility but into an orphanage, abandoned at a young age by a disgraced mother. She had had to fight and hide in order to survive, and had that traveling youth sponsor agent not visited the orphanage seeking young talent, she would have died most likely.

He saw the beauty hiding beneath the young girl's grimy appearance and youthful body. He brought her to a dance school in Saudia Arabia, and paid for her to have lessons. At first she was all but turned away by most teachers for her appearance. She was a fluke of nature, a near cousin to the griffon identified as the Caniff, but known commonly as Dog-Breeders for their more canine forms.

However, when she got her paws underneath her, washed up and became a star, her curse swiftly became her attraction. Her exotic appearance, virtually unheard of in Equestria, was seen as beauty instead of deformity. Her slim body and dainty legs drove males wild, but try as they might to woo her, she simply was never interested in anything of that nature.

However, during the war, towards the end, the troupe was involved in a scandal. It was found that three of the four pony dancers had affiliations with the Equestrians, and had been funneling information to them from the heart of the Griffon Kingdoms. The three were caught and hung, and she was disgraced.

All of a sudden, she was on the streets. No one would hire her, not even for a minor job. She was once again taunted for her form, and a griffon of lesser ambition might have submitted to their unkind words. But not her, she had been through similar problems before, and unlike many nobles of all races, she wasn't afraid to start on the bottom and claw her way to the top.

One day, the name of Laguna Lifebloom will be written in the stars once again. Of that she was sure.

Personal Timeline: (once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.)


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Re: Laguna Lifebloom [Caniff][Complete]

Post by Void's Mirror on Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:04 pm

Oh, I really, really like it!
The only reason I can think of why this CS hadn't been accepted yet are maybe the countries you mentioned. But if you ask me: here, they can be generously ignored...
Oh, and maybe the race. But actually is that more imaginable than... well, I better say nothing anymore.

But I have no power to accept that CS, sadly
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Re: Laguna Lifebloom [Caniff][Complete]

Post by Johan Tercel on Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:04 am

Hi there! Sorry for the mouldering CS.

Okay, minor gripes; so semantics issues were immediately spotted, regarding Laguna's beauty. The character is slightly too perfect, but in her role (as assured by Tisis) that should not be a problem.This app is accepted, however, on the guarantee that Laguna's beauty is not used to manipulate or control NPC's or PC's en masse. Example being, controlling an entire room of griffons for no discernible reason, and forcing responses to her beauty on other players.

If this criteria is not met, the character will be rendered non-canon, due to the special nature of this acception.
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Re: Laguna Lifebloom [Caniff][Complete]

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