Sweet Harmony [Zeriff]

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Sweet Harmony [Zeriff]

Post by Sweet Harmony on Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:41 pm

Name: Sweet Harmony
Species: Zeriff (zebra griffin)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Occupation: Singer
Virtue/Vice: Kindness, and shyness
Special Talent: Singing
Minor Talents: Hiding
Alignment: Neutral

5' 6"
Coat Color: Purple and White, with Red streaks
Mane/Tail Color: Purple with Red streaks, she has scars all along her left-side 
Eye color: Black
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Music note with wings

Picture: (pictures are not required, but are highly recommended)

Harmony is a rather bold zerrif, being from the zebra homelands and moving to such a big city hasn't helped her life. She has trouble meeting new people due the hatred she has seen form anyone she has meet, and the burns on her body gain constant stares form others and make her feel like an outcast. She has tries to pursue her dream of singing. She doesn't care when people try to use her scars as insults towards her. She knows all kinds of insults like stripped chicken and other nasty things. She has also heard the comments from griffins that make fun of her, by calling her an egg that should of never hatched. Even tough she was born by the way of zebra.

She loves to smile while singing to anyone, because of the way she makes others smile when she does. She is slightly embarrassed by her lack of wings but makes up for it when she tries her best to outdo her past singing and  show that she is worthy to live and be part of normal society. Others make choice to pick on her when she ins't singing but when she starts they seem to melt in her hooves.

She was raised in the zebra lands before the war, she didn't even know equestira had a war with the griffins until her dad returned form it after being gone for a few months and had an eye-patch upon that return. During that time of his absence her mother had tried teaching the young one how to fly but couldn't quite do it due to the lack of wings on herself. So Harmony had to wait until her father returned form his trip to teach her a single thing. He never told her why he wore the eye patch or how he got it but the day he returned and told her mother of what happened harmony found her mother crying the entire day.

She started singing after her father returned, he found the sound of her voice smooth his anger and make the war seem like it never happened. She also found that what emotion she sang with caused influence over others because she would always smooth her father after a nightmare, singing a nice calming song to give him peace. After a few years she tried using this power on others and found if she sang something sad while being bullied the ones doing the bulling would stop and stare at her. She kept singing almost every moment she could to convey her emotions to those around her and to help her get friends.

She kept doing this for a bit earning money sometimes for singing at special events such as parties and holidays. Everyone loved what she did except for a few of the old bullies who were jealous of her powers, so they burned down her house, with her inside. Due to this she has scares all over her left side and tries to hide it no matter what others say or do to make her come out of her shell. She also lost her left wing in the fire, which makes it embarrassing to meet others.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Harmonic Voice: She has the ability to make others feel what she feels upon singing. This is by the tone of voice and emotion she uses to sing. It doesn't matter what kind of song she could deploy her happiness even singing a  song like Gypsy's Bard.

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Re: Sweet Harmony [Zeriff]

Post by Steel Strike on Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:48 pm

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