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Elecsy Redox [Unicorn]

Post by Elecsy Redox on Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:30 am

Name: Elecsy Redox
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Occupation: Scientist - specializes in magical theory
Likes: Learning, inventing, science, change
Dislikes: Most other living things (see Bio), failure, lies
Special Talent: Perfect recall - This phenomena is where a creature can recall past events with 100% accuracy as perceived by them.
Minor Talents: Quick to learn, creativity (in the scientific aspect)
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4'
Coat Color: White
Mane/Tail Color: Light brown, almost brunet
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Two circles connected by bending lines (I'll figure out how to get it drawn eventually)

For now

Elecsy Redox was the youngest born into her brilliant family. Her parents well renowned play writes, her oldest brother a member of the Wonder bolts, her two older sisters successful business ponies. Even the dog was a 3 time champion of the Equestrian Best in Show. Needless to say, she always felt like an overwhelming shadow loomed over her. Her family constantly ignoring her or putting down her love of knowledge saying that "there is more to life than just books; you'll never be successful if you just sit around and read all day." While heart breaking to hear from your own mother, she never let them dictate her life, for she knew that knowledge held the key to surpassing them all, for you see, Elecsy Redox is a unicorn with a unique talent.

Discovered at a very young age, Elecsy had a gift for remembering anything she experiences with 100% accuracy. Anything she read, saw, or heard was stored perfectly in her mind, no matter how little or quick the event was. This allowed her to excel at almost any intellectual or academic endeavor she made. She aced every test, passed every presentation, recited every fact with no effort or study on her part. This gave her an overconfidence and a prideful heart in her youth, often feeling as though those without her knowledge and skill were beneath her.

Even though she never needed to read the same book twice, there were some that she poured over hundreds of times, those dealing with magic and the sciences. She was fascinated by the way magic worked, and became almost obsessed with figuring out every single secret that the mystic arts held. Through her obsession, she was able to fashion her own magical matrix for a singular purpose, that of conversion magic. She was able to speed up and slow down specific reactions, things like combustion, corrosion, or rusting. These forces seemed to bend to her will with very little effort, making her a highly valued prize among laboratories, specifically the Magic and Science department at Canterlot University.

She was invited before even finishing primary school, and was almost immediately put to work in their labs and research. There she studied under the greatest minds of their fields, allowing her own "perfect" mind to soak it all up. Things seemed like they couldn't get any better, even her family finally admitted that she was doing "okay", which from them was as good as it was probably going to get. However her pridefulness and hotty nature earned her very little friends among her peers, who believed that her memory was the same as cheating. Her response was always to laugh at their jealous whining, too bitter that they couldn't be as talented as she was.

It was a few years later that the griffons invaded. Their blitzkrieg on Canterlot almost took her life, but she was able to escape with the prestigious professors, who felt her too valuable to leave to death. She watched as those less fortunate, those she had called lessers, were slaughtered in the streets. All she could think was, "how lucky am I". When they reached a safe town, she was immediately put to work with the other science equipment, doing tests, creating compounds, testing reactions. She worked with almost no sleep everyday for four years. At first she thought this a blessing, but as time passed she began to question whether or not the "great" scientists really cared about her at all, or if they just saw her as another piece of equipment. Still, she was learning so much, she kept quiet and did only what she was told.

One fateful morning, Redox found herself in a caravan, on her way to another city to help the labs there. The griffons had caught on at this point though, and staged an ambush. The guards fell almost instantly, but Redox held them back long enough for a few of the other scientists to escape, much to her disapointment. She used a chemical compound she created, a powder she donned "Pegasus Fire", which ignites as soon as it touches air, and water only makes it worse. She threw it on a griffon that headed for her, the griffon immediately catching aflame. When two others tried to assist their comrade, she used her magic to fan the flame, making it consume the other two. When a fourth one tried to use water, the fire began to spread to the hillside. She saw this as the opportunity to flee, but found that the others had already abandon her, and she was now surrounded by the griffons.

She was thrown in a deep pit as her cell while the battalion argued about what to do with her. She had killed the first griffon, and gravely wounded the other two with third degree burns, finally needing to cover them in dirt to put out the fire. She laughed a little as she watched them scramble to try and put out the flames, her own creation, better than anything any of those "great minds" had come up with. Sitting in the pit, she had an air of pride and self satisfaction that only made the griffons more infuriated with her. It wasn't until the next morning that they realized all of their weapons and armor had rusted over and were now worthless. Again, Redox just smiled and sat their, proud of her work. It was then that the captain had an idea. He ordered Redox out of the pit, which despite her best efforts, she could not fight. She taunted and gloated about her success, unaware of the danger she was really in. She did not believe anything bad could happen to her. 

That is until they took her horn.

She screamed bloody murder as the blade divided her horn from her head at its base. A surge of magical energy released into the surrounding area in a quick burst, and then nothing. The griffons just let go of Redox who crawled to the nearest corner she could find. Her sobbes prevented her from accurately hearing what the griffons were saying, but from the looks on their faces, they were gloating and teasing, just as she'd done to the griffons helping their friend, same as she'd done to those she worked with, those that abandoned her. For the remainder of the war she toiled in the western salt mines, and for the first time in her life, she was the inadequate one. "A unicorn without magic isn't much of anything after all," she would hear from the griffons as she failed to lift the rock into the mine cart  "Why do we have to be partnered with the gimp over there," she would hear from the other ponies at the start of the days work. 

For 3 years this lasted until finally the war ended, and she was allowed to leave to a different mine as part of the new work order assignments, where she slipped out unnoticed. She wandered for a couple years, finding odd jobs to scrape a living, wondering if it was worth it to keep living. Every night she would relive the torment as if it were happening all over again. Her gift finally showing its darker side. She became bitter, angry, and reclusive. The more she gave into her hate, the more she was determined to live, to find a way to get back at them all, the griffons for their barbarianism, and the ponies for their abandonment. She still had all the years as the lab technician; she could still recall every formula, theory, equation, procedure and conversation she was ever apart of. 

She has since become determined to find a way to get her magic back, and create a weapon that would exact her revenge.

Still, there lives a small part of her that questions this new found quest. Maybe the real blame lies on herself.

"If you knew what I knew, your head would explode."
Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Perfect recall - Redox is able to remember anything she perceived with 100% accuracy as she perceived it. It is subject to perception errors, but even those under normal circumstances are almost negligible. This works for everything dealing  from writings to procedures to memories. Her sight is perfect, but sounds can sometimes get corrupted in her memory for various reasons. This talent can sometimes be a curse, as in the case of bad memories or traumas (see Bio).
Redox Magic - Before her horn was removed, Redox was able to manipulate the same kinds of reactions as oxidation and reduction (often called redox reactions). This can include almost anything from fire to ionic bonds to even some forms of radiation. She can't use magic at all now, but she still know a great deal about its workings. 

Personal Timeline: (once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.)

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Re: Elecsy Redox [Unicorn]

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