Thorin Shriekwind [Griffon]

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Thorin Shriekwind [Griffon]

Post by Thorin on Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:31 am

Name: Thorin Shriekwind
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male (Tercel)
Age: 27 winters
Occupation: Doctor
Virtue: Honour (Honesty)
Special Talent: Sawbones (Medicine)
Minor Talents: (optional)

Height: 5' 1"
Coloration: Light grey all over with minor scarring showing through the fur and feathers. Usually wears the white beak-mask common to volonteer doctors.
Eye color: Blue


Thorin is quiet overall. He knows that most ponies hate him for being a Griffon, and fails to take it in his stride. He is prone to bouts of self-destructive depression, especially following the death of a patient. Should push come to shove, Thorin will fight with all the savagery of his race, usually favouring the ponies if he thinks that he can get away with it, but tries to avoid killing his countrymen.

He abhors the idea of consuming the flesh of an intelligent being and has fought other Griffons on several occasions because of this. Given an opportunity he will attemt to sway other Griffons to his ideals, but has little sucess. This also alienates him from the occupying forces, who look down upon him as a pony lover.

Depending upon his future interactions, he may be driven to one side or another.


Thorin learned the gentle mercies of Griffon medicine (no anasthetic, little post-surgical attention) at a young age from his father. He enjoyed healing those in his care, the natrual robustness of the Griffon body preventing the death of his patients in all but the most serious cases.

He joined the relief effort after the war to help the wounded, sick and starving left in its wake. Upon his arrival his optimistic and friendly spirit was quickly crushed by the reactions of those he tried to aid. When he approached the sick or injured, he was driven off by relatives and friends of the afflicted, accusing him of seeking to kill them for meat. Thorin became embittered as he watched those that he could have saved waste away and end up on the butchers wagons one after the other.

Today he offers help to whomever comes before him, torn between inherent loyalty to his people and support for the opressed natives of Equestria. He can usually be found combing the streets for patients, always rushing to be ahead of the infamous "Meat Wagons"

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Re: Thorin Shriekwind [Griffon]

Post by Steel Strike on Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:20 pm

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