The Peasant Rail Gun and other Pathfinder rule abuses

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The Peasant Rail Gun and other Pathfinder rule abuses Empty The Peasant Rail Gun and other Pathfinder rule abuses

Post by Syron on Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:33 am

Crackle brought something glorious into chat...

[11:22:14] Crackle : My friend and I discovered a way to abuse the rules of Pathfinder

[11:22:22] Crackle : It's called the Peasant Rail Gun

[11:26:09] * Crackle has a talent for twisting game mechanics into horrible game-breaking devices...

[11:27:20] Tayari : I don't really know... almost anything about Pathfinder, but I'd like to hear about the Peasant Rail Gun if you're willing to share.

[11:27:42] Crackle : in pathfinder, all turns are 6 seconds long, and everyone involved in the combat gets to go.

[11:27:53] Crackle : Create a line of 1000000 peasants.

[11:28:07] Crackle : give them one task: pass a knife.

[11:28:57] Crackle : Since, according to the Pathfinder rules, all creatures of that size takes up 5 feet...

[11:29:04] Tayari : ... Oh, I think I see where that's going,,,

[11:29:11] Tayari : That... is beautiful.

[11:29:17] Crackle : that knife must travel 5000000 feet in 6 seconds.

[11:29:42] Crackle : Assuming a mass of 12.8 ounces, which is the mass of an average modern hunting knife....

[11:29:48] @ Shadowstrike : xD

[11:29:53] Crackle : whatever is on the other end of that knife when the final peasant lets go is FUCKED

[11:29:57] Tayari :

[11:30:07] Crackle : that's roughly 46,838,616,000 joules of kinetic energy.

[11:30:27] Crackle : going at about 508000 m/s

Edit: The Troll Hallway

[11:33:59] Crackle : In Pathfinder, Trolls can only be killed by either 1) fire or 2) getting it's health to negative CON x 10

[11:35:25] Crackle : Theoretically, according to the game mechanics, you /could/ manage to do a lot of damage to one without actually killing it, provided you keep it's HP below 0 and don't let it regenerate, as it will remain unconscious.

[11:36:01] Crackle : In this case, the damage would be in the form of distorting it's physical shape.

[11:36:08] Crackle : More specifically, stretching.

[11:36:18] Crackle : ...over a great period of time...

[11:36:30] Crackle : ...into the form of a hallway...

[11:36:32] @ Shadowstrike : You want a Spaghetti-Troll?

[11:36:47] Crackle : ...held open by a series of thin supports...

[11:37:10] Tayari : The hallway... I suppose you'd then lure an enemy inside... and stop hitting the troll?

[11:37:13] Crackle : ...which are rigged to collapse when someone triggers a trap on the chest at the end of the troll-hallway

[11:37:30] Crackle : ...allowing it's regeneration to kick in...

[11:37:44] Crackle : ...and thus trapping them inside the troll.

[11:38:27] Crackle : The very angry troll.

[11:38:41] Crackle : Who would likely turn to the rest of the party to work off said anger.

Edit 2: Swampy Dragons

[11:42:47] Crackle : So... Suppose you're wandering around in a swamp...

[11:43:57] Crackle : You spot a dragon, black in colour. IC, you know that black dragons have acid-base elemental attacks, and pass this knowledge onto the rest of the party.

[11:44:53] Crackle : Naturally, all the magic-users prepare defenses against acid, right?

[11:45:15] Tayari : Bases would be just as dangerous, though.

[11:45:45] Crackle : *Acid-based

[11:45:50] Tayari : Oh.

[11:46:06] Tayari : Well... getting flattened by a dragon is also pretty dangerous.

[11:46:20] Tayari :  I'll let you speak now. Sorry,

[11:48:47] Crackle : Well, anyway, the fighter-types have armour to deal with physical damage, so the magic users would logically ready defenses against acid.

[11:48:59] Crackle : Suddenly, dragon breathes fire.

[11:49:04] Crackle : errybody burns.

[11:49:19] Crackle : Was really a red drake coated in black swamp mud.

[11:49:30] @ Shadowstrike : xD

[11:50:03] Tayari : Lesson learned. Always make sure you cast a cleaning spell before you fight a dragon in a swamp.
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The Peasant Rail Gun and other Pathfinder rule abuses Empty Re: The Peasant Rail Gun and other Pathfinder rule abuses

Post by Reverb on Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:52 am

I've come to realize that I actually messed up horribly on some of my calculations.

5000000 ft/6 sec = 254 000 m/s

Factor in mass gained from the sheer speed of 0.00000459 oz


= 1/2(362.874g)(254000m/s)^2

=11,705,589,492,000 Joules of kinetic energy.

Yes. That's right. 11.7 trillion Joules. That knife is fucking GONE, baby.


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