Falon, the Squirreltamer [Griffon]

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Falon, the Squirreltamer [Griffon]

Post by Falon on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:25 pm

Name: Falon
Species: Griphon
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Occupation: Ranger
Virtue: Spontaneity
Special Talent: Ranged Weapons (Bow/Blow Pipe)
Minor Talents: Good with animals/Tracking/Whittling (Arrows)

Height: 5’4"
Coat Color: Grey
Mane/Tail Color: shades of grey and some brownisch on the forelegs
Eye color: Blue

Falon tries to be nice and polite to everyone and at all times but if you get him angry you might end up with an arrow in your throat. He always likes to get company since he lives alone in the woods most of the time, but sooner or later the loneliness of nature calls him back.

From time to time he likes to travel with animals like falcons or hawks because of all animals it's these who he gets along with best. He is usualy open hearted and loves to learn new things and see new places. Also he has a habit of pulling his tail through the dirt behind him wich results in a muddy tail and leaving a trench behind him, that makes him easier to track and got him in trouble a few times.

Falon spend his childhood in a house in one of the forest of his homeland with a small village as the nly civilization around. His father was a lumberjack, who taught him all he knows about nature and animals and his mother cared for him and the house. It was a happy and simple life.

When the war started soldiers came and took him and his father to a training camp by the nearest bigger city and got them ready for war. His unit was formed of griphons of his age wich he had rarly met before. The veterans taught them how to use several weapons but the one Falon liked the most was the longbow. He was never realy social and prefered to take long walks in the forests while the other griphons where having breaks or went to bars.
One day when he and a few of his mates went hunting he got a squirrel to scout the area for him wich got him a good catch and the nickname squirreltamer.

His father had a lot of experience with axes, so they took him to the first battles before Falon could join him. One day, a few weeks before his training was finished, he recieved a letter, telling him, that his father died in combat with a unit of unicorns who ambushed them and killed his whole unit. Since then he started to hold a grudge against ponyfolk especialy those who could use magic.

When his training was finished he applied for a ranger unit whose opperations where scouting, setting up traps and ambushes, providing support for the troops on the battlefield and hunting down astary enemys or those cowadly griphons who abandoned their unit and ran away from war.

As the war endet, he was send to manehatten to scout for hideouts of the rebels or ponys who might have relations with them.

- Longbow with a few arrows
- Blowpipe with a few poisoned needles
- a hidden dagger between wingfethers
- a glove for birds of prey to land on
- a lether armor in forest colours
- groceries and other supplies
- a bag containing bits

Charakter Development
- A Day in the Park (Manehattan - Park) WIP

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