Mirror "Mira" Lone (Earth Pony)

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Mirror "Mira" Lone (Earth Pony)

Post by Void's Mirror on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:55 pm

Name: Mirror “Mira” Lone
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: female
Age: 23
Occupation: travelling trader, natural adornment inventor, healer for little wounds
Likes: nature
Dislikes: assemblages of ponies, griffons and all beings in general
Astrology: born on 3rd of May – makes her a Taurus
Special Talent: teaching of writing, thinking, speaking
Minor Talents: knowledge how to use herbals to heal little wounds; using nature things; order and arrangement (loves to make lists!)
Alignment: undecided (in this case: doesn’t know about there being a rebellion, thought of rebels never occurred her mind)

Height: 3'7''
Coat Colour: light orange-brown
Mane/Tail Colour: light rose and light blue (bonbon coloured)
Eye colour: darker green
Cutie Mark: a green blackboard
Other: She's got a scar on her back in shape of a smiley




Long version of History:

Her name’s Mirror Lone though most ponies tend to call her Mira.
She was born to a farmer couple in the northern countryside who already had lost all hope to ever getting a child when they discovered Mira’s approaching, and were overjoyed. They did everything to make her happy but also tried their best not to make a spoiled brat out of her. They taught her writing and math, and things that got to be done on a farm. But since Mira was a small filly, they considered it by giving her the easier tasks. Being teached at home, she'd never seen a school and didn't know how it was. But playing with some puppets and teaching them what her mother told her, she recognized that it was fun to her, that she loved to explain. That was the day her cutie mark appeared.
Knowing that Mirror will stay their only child, her parents gave her the second name Lone. And she was quite alone because there weren’t many other fillies around Mira could play with. The Millers who happened to pass by time by time had a daughter they brought with them. Or the Meadows who had a son. But the Singers and other pony families didn’t come with their children. And they all were just befriended customers, coming to buy some fruit and vegetables.
Of course Mira had a childish crush on the Meadow’s son for being the only foal she saw regularly. But before she was old enough to recognize it the war came. And with that the Meadows didn’t any more.
Mira’s parents didn’t know why until the Singers came to buy some potatoes. And they brought cruel news: the griffons invading Equestria, all of the sudden. Canterlot fell. It was a shock to the parents and in order to protect their sweet little filly and in vain hope that all was just a bad joke, a nightmare or simply over soon, they didn’t tell Mira. Though Mira of course noticed the more and more missing customers and when her father came back from town he had a dark expression on his face and didn’t bring all the fancy stuff as he had used to do before. Mira felt that something was terribly wrong.  but was too afraid to ask. She played along the show her parents had put up: that everything was in order. Though with the times her parents excuses for the unmoral became more and more ridiculous.
And one day the griffons came. That was the moment Mirror understood all the whispered words between her parents, all the missing customers, her parents’ mood. The armoured griffons. About two dozen.
As her mother saw them coming, she told Mira to go into the woods where she had loved to play hide and seek when she had been a bit younger.
Mira didn’t ask, Mira didn’t hesitate. She did what she’d always done: follow her parents words. So Mira didn’t see what happened. All she knows is that she spent the rest of the day and the whole night in the woods, freezing, trembling, crying, waiting for her mother to bring her back home. To hug and comfort her. But she never came.
As the next morning broke, Mira decided to go back. What she found was their farm. Everything seemed to be in order. But the door was open and her parents not to be seen. Some of their supplies were taken away, she saw. But the house was like she left it. Then she found her mother’s note. “Everything’s alright, darling. We will be back, I promise.”
That bolstered her a little though she felt like crying. She waited one, two, in the end five days without her parents coming back. She was afraid. All the time she cried and slept badly. Then she decided to go looking for her parents, wherever that might be. She packed some stuff, put the bag upon her back and went out of the door in random direction. The first time she ever left her home alone. She was eleven years old.
Time passed by. Growing up on a farm and living near a forest she knew what she could eat. She also simply tried things out. She survived in the free nature. And she wandered and wandered and wandered. She didn’t use official paths in fear of griffons. She tried to stay in forests, underneath trees to not to be seen. And the first time in her life she really felt lonely.
While the war was going on, she found ways of using herbals to help her ease pain when she got hurt of much walking. She also learnt to communicate with other animals a bit – or it seemed to her that way. It was a hard time that she doesn’t know how she survived.
One day she passed near a town where the griffons already were in power. She observed it from distance and her hunger won. She was eager to eat something that was more than just berries again. So she got on a path and walked towards the town, afraid of the griffons’ reactions. But nothing happened. She was only asked by the guards about her purpose in town. With the answer: buying some food they let her go through. Probably they didn’t see any danger in a small filly.
So that was the first time that entered a town since the day her parents disappeared. But then she realized that she got no food without money. She left the city again and thought. And thought. She put out the flower in her mane and regarded it. And then she knew.
So the next day she came back with some flower adornments. She knocked at any door and a mare opened. Mira explained her that she would sell those adornments. For bits or for food. The mare’s expression was rather shocked. She told Mira that it was forbidden to sell without permission. When the griffons caught her… but then her voice broke and she shifted her weight on the other leg. Mira saw a lightly bloody leg.
So Mira left again, came again back the other day. She knocked at the same door, the same mare opened and was still shocked. But Mira got something for her that she couldn’t resist to take in exchange for something to eat. It was an herbal essence that helped her hurt leg.
And that was how Mira made a “living” as good as possible. She sold adornments and light cures. Nothing too special. She walked from door to door. And she never stayed long in a town. She still wandered and wandered around so the griffons never realized her illegal merchandising. But she used to sleep at guest rooms whenever she could find one. It was good to have some comfort back.
But a short time ago she met a griffoness. Mira was walking along a shelf. And suddenly she lost her feet and fell. This griffon happened to pass by and caught her in flight before Mira could hit the stony water. But Mira was falling near the cliff and the griffon hurt her wing. She managed to get them both back onto the ground but no more. Mira, torn between not trusting or liking griffons and her guilt and gratefulness she owned her saviour, decided to cure her as good as possible. The griffon with the name of Katrina wasn’t near her home so Mira made her a bed of leaves under some trees and left for the next city. Which happened to be an hour’s walk away and was called Manehatten. And so Mira became a travelling trader with guilt to be paid back. She was 23 years old.

Short version: Mira was raised on a farm by her parents. The griffons came when she was eleven. She hid in the forest and when she came back, her parents were gone. She began to travel around looking for them. To survive she learnt to make flower adornment and to use herbals as healing means and sold them door by door, town by town. Once a griffon saved her life but got hurt so now she tries to heal her again. So Mira entered Manehatten.

Mira is a calm young mare. She has never queried her parents but did what she was told. It was a sense of wit: that her parents always seemed to be right. They explained a lot to her and it was important for her to help on the farm. Mira loved to do it. But she is not as strong as an Earth Pony is supposed to be. In fact, she is very small and weak. Mira loved her parents and her parents loved her. It’s not like there was only peace on their farm. But Mira was a calm filly instead of others.
She never met much other ponies than her parents. She had no siblings and only when customers came with their fillies, she could play with them. Sometimes they even came only to visit. But it wasn’t often because they lived quite far away to the next little town. But Mira was all content. She learnt to love the nature and the silence that was caused by the absence of other beings but little birds chirping. She loves sun shine and she loves the melancholic rain, the sound the tear drops made on the windows or the air smelling freshly.
Sometimes her father took her with him to town when they needed new things to buy. She was always amazed of this different kind of living, of that many ponies. But she was always glad when they came home again where it was peacefully quiet.
She began to tidy up a lot and made lists where to find which things. But her cutie mark appeared when she thought of how to explain things better than her mother - who taught her - did. Her main tasks was arranging things in the house. ‘Til the day her parents disappeared, probably taken by the griffons. That was when she learnt to live on her own where she became strong in her soul. She’s got a good heart and tries to judge fairly.

Special Talent – Explanation:
Mira is good at explaining and loves to teach other ponies, no matter the age. She's got a good hoof or rather: mouth writing and doesn't make much mistakes in spelling. She's also interested in kinds of philosophy and loves to talk about it with others, so they start thinking for themselves. She also loves words and languages and would be good at other languages if she knew them. Sadly, she doesn't.

Personal Timeline:    
Year 4, Dec XY: A Cozy Cafe
Year 4, Dec 9th: New Business Contacts
Year 4, Dec 9th: Song of Flowers
Year 4, Dec 12th: He followed me home
Year 4, Dec 12th: The Beauty and the Beast
Year 4, Dec 12th: Broken Mirror
Year 4, Dec 17th: All Hooves on Deck
Year 5, Jan 10th: Looking For Hope

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Re: Mirror "Mira" Lone (Earth Pony)

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