Freight Train [griffon]

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Freight Train [griffon]

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:21 am

Name: Freight Train
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Soldier
Likes: Things that are easy to understand, Sten Softclaw, being himself
Dislikes: The long and short of pretty much anything, things he does not like to do, being blamed for things he may or may not have destroyed or killed
Special Talent: Strength
Minor Talents: Operating despite having the intelligence of a rock (no offense to rocks), Luck of the Fool
Alignment: Griffons,  but head too far in the clouds to care
Height: 5' 11" or 180cm
Coat Color: Blue body, blue around the eyes, dark blue wings, dark blue tail tuft, orange talons
Eye color: Brown
Where to begin? If you are reading this page, I'd advise you to turn directly to the Encyclopedia Tropia and read the entry under Lander of the Cuckoo Clouds. If such a tome is not available to you, I will try to explain as best as I can.
Freight has his head in the clouds. He lives in a world of his own creation deep within his noggin, with only a tenuous grasp of the real world at best. He can be quite calm yet dumb at times, to outright insane. He has a habit of forming his own memories of events, and has frequently described friends and family in a light making sense only to him.
When at his job, he has a penchant for naming inanimate objects and talking to them. He is convinced that the world is a giant game, and that strange creatures are controlling our every move, which only further cements my personal opinion that he is far too gone to be of use to the OGI. Following this report, I shall have one last meeting with Mr. Train, and then proceed to court in order to plead for his immediate incarceration in the farthest asylum.
                                -- Dr. Pete Byrd, Psy D.
(Note: Pete Byrd was admitted to a local asylum after after trying to kill said patient later that day. These notes have been recovered. Patient has been released to his duties pending investigation into allegations of insanity-inducing drugs, of which none have been found)
Freight Train doesn't seem to have a backstory. He was plucked from a village close to the Equestrian border when the war first began, given a spear and a helmet, and told to fight. How he survived the next 8 years is a total mystery, as not a single griffon that knows him survived.
Well, thats not entirely true, as it leads one to wonder if they were killed by him. Which is ture, but not true at the same time. Sigh. Look, it was just after Manehatten was taken. He was with the other members of his troop, who loved to mess with him since he wasn't very bright. They told him to go report to some made up general, and he took off, knocking over a cabinet as he did so. The cabinet blocked the door while some candles on top burnt the building to the ground, killing everyone inside.
He was shuttled back and forth in the military for a while, before being taken into the OGI enmass with about 60 other able-bodies recruits. His above-average strength was noted, and he was put to work at first as a worker. After causing the deaths of over thirty scientists in several secret laboratories (blaming them all on a nearby potted plant), he was 'promoted' to security guard in a dead end hallway, protecting said plant, who he named George.
It was here that he met his 'super-ultra bestest friend ever' Sten. Or rather, Sten asked him for his help, and the fool imprinted on his own mind that this griffon was his best friend.
He has also on no less than five accounts wandered into rebel arms and even helped them on occassion, simply being too stupid to know any better. One three seperate accounts, fellow guards have tried to force him onto the rebels. He has been returned twice, and the third time the captured rebels chose death over taking him in.
Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
He is very lucky, to the point of dodging arrows simply because he saw a bit on the ground. He is also very strong, and was given a cannon at one time during the war. It was quickly taken back, however, when he dropped it and shot the commanding officer.

Personal Timeline: (once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.)


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Re: Freight Train [griffon]

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