A Hearthswarming Run-in (Solo) (Complete)

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A Hearthswarming Run-in (Solo) (Complete)

Post by Tisis Antony on Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:08 pm

A Hearthswarming Run-in
Dead of Night
03, December, Yr. 04
Eastern Residential District

The celebrations and festivities of the ponykin were a bit strange to the Praetor, though he understood Hearthwarming well enough. It was a winter holiday, and those were something you'd find no matter where you went- and though the days changed, and what the holiday meant changed, there were always festivities of some form.

The Praetor appreciated a good holiday as much as anyone, you could suppose. And this was why, on the third of December, in anticipation of the carnivals and plays and gift giving, the Praetor decided to give something back to the ponies who gave his life such meaning. This something, as it just so happened, was a rather large bag of gifts.

Now, Praetor stood on the first home he'd intended to leave presents at. And he was currently lamenting the lack of a chimney. No chimney at all- just a corrugated tin roof. He analyzed the logistics of getting in. Of course the ponies would be asleep at this hour, but it was certainly riskier trying to break in from the street level. He peaked into the building from a small gap in the tin roof, but couldn't see anything through the dark of the room. No owlgriff eyes for him, he sighed.

He approached the front of the house and decided to give it a go. He kicked in the front door with a loud room shattering bang. Typically, this is where a griffon would yell "EVERYONE DOWN," but the Praetor never raised his voice. No, the Praetor looked at the confused and bewildered ponies, and opened his sack with a pleasantly bemused grin on his face. He removed the first parcel of gifts, tied with twine. The ponies didn't move, as he'd levied a pistol at their guts. He backed through the door slowly, closing the door on his way out before taking off.

He went along his way, popping into homes all over the Eastern Residential District. This was top secret OGI business, so of course he had to evade griffon patrols every now and then- no use in letting them ruin the holiday spirit.

By the end of the night, the Praetor was left with nothing but an empty sack, and a feeling of contentedness on his heart. It went without saying that this December would be a fine month indeed, for Manehattan and all of the world. He could feel it.

He took off, trying to find an attic to spend the remainder of his night in slumber.
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