Steel Strike (Unicorn)

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Steel Strike (Unicorn)

Post by Steel Strike on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:42 am

Name: Steel Strike
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Blacksmith
Likes: Hard Work,  Bits,  being kind,  giving advice that's useful
Dislikes: corruption,  Hateful or mean folks,  Cauliflower.
Special Talent: Smithing
Minor Talents: Whittling,Smithing  Jewelry
Aligment: Rebellion
Height: 4'5"
Coat Color:Gray
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Hammer


Steel is a good natured fellow.  He's generally a nice caring Pony,  who tries to do the right thing. He doesn't always succeed at this but he does what he can. He always helps his friends out,  any way he can.  He has a spare room upstairs for guests to use when present.  He's even let people use it as an Inn sometimes though this is rare.

He generally hates griffons but mostly military or non-civilians. He understands it's not the average griffons fault.  But he still had a dislike for them,  especially regarding laws saying Pony smith's can't make armor and weapons outside of Griffon commissions.  For this reason he moved to the underground.

Steel Strike grew up in a rural town. His entire family consisted of craftsponies and trade workers. It was no surprise when his family learned of his special talent, smithing. Before even contemplating his own shop, unlike most of his family, he took an apprenticeship with another smith. He learned much from him, in a shorter amount of time then it would have taken on his own. His Master often had a funny way of putting things but the message was clear when taken into practice.  He had a great respect for the master smith,  whom taught him almost all the tricks of the trade. This turned Steel into a pretty good smith,  though certainly not the best.

After war broken out,  he felt obligated to join the war effort.  However many of his family members left the country,  until the war was over. His sister,  a physiotherapist, already breaking tradition from a trade to a health one,  decided to stay in Baltimare, and hasn't seen her since the end of the war.   He hasn't seen his parents since the halfway point,   but likes to imagine them somewhere on a beach sipping martinis. He didn't think it was selfish. He became a battle smith,  though saw little actual battle.  He proved somewhat adept with an axe but turned down any promotion they offered.  He started at as a battlesmith and he'd end it as well.  After the final battle of Canterlot,  he went incognito,  until year 2 when he found his way to Manehattan.  He quickly heard rumor of the Undercity and figured it'd be the perfect place to setup shop. He did so and now owns a somewhat profitable business.  Now he looks to aid the rebellion in any way he can.

Steel Strikes Theme Song:

December 15th

Smithy at Last!

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Re: Steel Strike (Unicorn)

Post by Tisis Antony on Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:32 pm

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