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Post by Syron on Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:12 am

The Story Archive
One of the reasons for the reset was that it was really hard to get into the story of GK, and even veteran players didn't really know what was happening in and around Manehatten. To avoid this happening again, we introduce the Story Archive!

Its purpose is simple: Keep track of everything that happens in RP, and notify the community about the interesting stuff, as well as provide all past events in an easy to browse manner.

All of it is explained in the archive itself, but I still want to go over a few topics here. First, I strongly suggest you put a watch on the General Newsfeed or check for new posts there manually. Doing so will make sure that you'll miss none of the big events, without you having much to read: the news will be short and to the point.

Of course, I alone can't keep track of everything that happens in RP, so I need help. A large part of this help is delivered by the Thread Watch, a group of Contributors acting as my eyes and ears, who tell me about anything that might deserve interest before a thread is even finished. But much more important is the help I need from you. Yes, you, and every other player on the site.

Thread Summaries
What I see as thread summary? A list of characters as well as a short description of what happened in a finished thread. For one, such a summary enables me to quickly determine if a thread is of public interest, and it gives new players the possibility to get into GK without having to read tons of threads, they can pick what they are specifically interested in.

Now, the best people to write such a summary are the participating players. So I ask you that you sum your threads up in the last post. Just a few sentences are enough, here is an example:

Rebellion is Brewing

Characters: Steel Strike, Double Edge, Silvern Gleam, Quicksilver, Shady Silhouette, Gypsy Resonance, Blue Star, Onyx, Scintillance, Jack Grayscale, Shadowstrike, Scrapper T. Ferrous, Tayari

Summary: Steel Strike and Double Edge found the rebellion. Following the speech, a lot of ponies join up and get into diverse conversations with each other.

Noteworthy side story: Double Edge knows Shady Silhouette is a spy and tries to make sure she doesn't tell her superiors too much.

(Note: This is a now invalid pre-reset thread. It's not canon.)

And here is another one:
Example 2:
Dungeon Trotters: Falling Angels, Hidden Dice

Characters: Scrapper T. Ferrous & Scintillance

Basic Summary of Events: Scrapper and Lance decide to play a board game, whilst having Scrapper cheat and break character a lot. No major events happened In the real world.
Doesn't look too scary, right? It really should be a quick work, if you need half an hour for a summary, you're probably way more detailed than you have to be. Five minutes is more what I have in mind. And yes, I also need a summary if "no major events happened in the real world", because otherwise I'd have to read the thread to find out exactly that.

So, I'd be thankful if you attach those summaries to your threads. Though it's not a requirement, the Thread Watch is asked to remind you if a thread is ended without summary. They're supposed to be friendly, and you're free to tell them no, but as a personal request: If you should have something against the summaries, please tell me what it is.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope the Archive will be as helpful as I imagine it to be. Good RP everybody!
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