Dawn Star {Pegasus}

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Dawn Star {Pegasus}

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Name: Dawn Star

Race: Pegasus

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Occupation: Former Equestrian Officer, Weapons Tactics and Strategy expert

Likes: Fighting toward liberation, Old music(played during wartime)and Equestrian culture,Peace and quiet (when ever she can get it) ,Helping others in need, Training, Her team/Friends and acts of valor,bravery,courage and loyalty.    

Dislikes: The griffon occupation, Griffon based culture, Canons and being shot at, Those that need help but don't want it, Boring meetings, Slackers and show-offs, Her Enemies/Traitors and Cowardly/Stupidity actions and decisions from individuals.   

Astrology: :Pisces:

Special Talent: Tactics

Minor Talent: CQB and using different types of weaponry.

Can see flash backs of events (mostly battles in the final days of equestrian rule) at random.


Primary Color: Navy blue

Mane and Tail Color: yellow with red streaks

Eye Color: light green

Height: 4"3'

Cutie mark:

A sword and shield with two pairs of wings coming off it also known as Valkyrie





 Personality:Dawn isn't very talkative pony she realise on her actions in the field to speak for herself.
Shy at times but with plenty of courage and bravery to back her up ...displays love and passion for her friends and squad members.. always helping them make it through these dark times they now live in
Friendly to all ponys and some giffions
A stubborn fighter especially with close courters combat
She never sees the impossible and Rarely surrenders
Dawn star believes in second chances..she always looking for light in the shadows above
..always moving forward towards a better future for herself, her friends and Equestria

Dawn star was born in Fillydelphia 900 years after nightmare moons in prisonment
In the moon...a small pegasus filly but gifted with great intelligence most baby pegasi can fly at the age of 7 or 8
but dawn began flying at age of two.Dawn lived in a family of 6 ..her mom,her dad,her two older brothers and her younger sister
Both parents are a part of the royal guards dawn and her mother,brothers and sister live in a building in fillydelphia while dawn's father lived in the capital city of Canterlot for his duty towards the princesses after his wife became inactive to be in fillydelphia with dawn and the rest of her family .

Like all ponies in life as much as you want to.. you can't stay as a little filly forever that's was no exception for dawn star
When dawn heard about cutie marks and special talents in school she was hooked instantly
And went to search for her special talent.But while all the other ponys found theirs ..dawn didn't she became abscessed with her mark that didn't exsit at time and how to find it.She spent her 6th and 7th years of her life trying to find out who she was but after awhile she gave up and excepted at being a "blank flank". Not only was her dreams temporally crushed but her oldest brother left in the night in search of his own destiny,Dawn's father saw this was making miserable and angry and after a long talk he enrolled her and her brother in the royal sisters cadet/recruitment camp to help her with a talent in the service .passing everything that was thrown at her but everything that she passed nothing was shown to represent her talent. Her last hope was a team simulation training exercise defend a point with non armed weapons being a little nervous dawn didn't know what to choose but out of luck she chose a sword and crossbow. It took a couple hours to complete but after beating all of the other cadets not only did she receive victory she also got her cutie mark at first she thought it was because she won but that wasn't the reason why ..one of the recruiters told her it was because she protected her team and used not only brain but her heart while using equipment on the battle field the recruiter also said she had potential and would make a fine royal guard some day..but not today Knowing that she was to young for duty she could not be recruited into the guards ...but dawn didnt care because today was the happiest day of her life and it was also the day that would change her life ..forever.

fast forwarding to dawn teen years in which she worked Clouds Dale weather creation factory for about four years waiting for an acceptes letter from Princess Celestia or Princess Luna to determine what division she would be called to. After dawn discorved her cutie mark in a cadet school she always wanted to go farther in the service and become a guard to the princesses but it wasn't her decision to make ...it was the princesses choise to find out based on talent,teamwork and skill where she would be put ...Dayguards are the real guards by protecting and helping other ponies with problems ...Nightguards are based on team work by using recon and scouting to blend into the night as shadows do...she couldn't wait ..but she had to ..which she did not like at all.After several mouths dawn got her letter from Princess Celestia
Stating that she was now a Dayguard recruited to the guards of the 20th Airborn now she was with her brother also a recruit of the 645th nightguards and her father a LT. of 445th nightguards ...it was a grand day ...but things were about to change

Dawn was an highly respected guard when she was promoted
to a corporal which was heroic actions it wasn't long before dawn got her notice to move from her home in fillydelphia to the Canterlot Castle's barracks which wasn't that bad she made tons of new friends in her squad including a light blue unicorn that became her best friend.When dawn became a Sgt. She began leading 20th Airborn under the watchful observation of her commanding officer.under her command most of her various missions were basically security in Canterlot and ponyville and escorting high official ponies to safe location.The rank of SSgt. was one she would never forget because a couple day after the wonderful news of the royal wedding was heard and the surprise changeling invasion on Canterlot was seen.After the whole ordeal dawn was quickly promoted to gunnery Sgt. her brother got the same rank pluse her father was promoted to captain
But this not a sign of a reward ....many battles had to be faught to keep Equestria safe during this amount of time but like all events they have a beginning and a end as fight continued a naboring kingdom was planing a campaign against Equestria.

After the heat of fighting died down thing went back to normal for dawn's dutys
For a year or two.. but after being promoted to LT. things got weird for one a majority of the security squads were merged with others to create a larger military force .She noticed that Princess Celestia became restless when the griffion kingdom Stoped communicating with Equestria ...stoped trading with Equestria ...stoped coming to peace meeting in Equestria.Dawn was ordered by the princess to go and talk with there general and their king.
But before she could get a chance to go the giffion attacked and captured canterlot.This act called out betrayal for the giffion against Equestria and once again Equestria was at WAR..for the last time

Not much would be said ..war is war but dawn lead her squad with many others to retake places that were captured and they did..with her squad members of the 20th,235th,445th,843rd and many other were able to push back the griffions as payback for the fall of canterlot now under griffon control. This time there was no time for promotions with the fall of their main source of political and military power left the remaining equestrian forces to fallback and regroup to the cold front of stalliongrad.Dawn and other ponies spent along time battling stubborn resistance from the griffons it was either by fate or luck that kept them from taking the city but as soon as reinforcements arrived to finish the job Dawn and the 20th was dispatched to other areas to attack and defend she never saw what happened to stalliongrad from what she heard it was a grand victory that may end the war in equestria's favor..however nopony knew what would come later.Couple months went by and she began her service for Trottingham ..her squad and a few others were brought a day before the shelling started and then all hell broke lose..after hour of hiding the ponies were forced to retreat the burning ruins that was once a city ..it was not a pretty sight for dawn or any of the ponies..that made it.After the fall of yet another valuable city fate started to support the griffon invasion but war was still ragging on with lots of victorys and more defeats next dawn and remaining forces were moved to defend manehattan with the help of princess celestia who was leading it seemed like it lasted forever with more and more casualties on both sides but it didn't and manehatten was over runned by griffon causing yet another retreat.At this point the griffion after taking hooffiington the equestrian armys were cut off and beginning to weakend.

With half of Equestria under griffon control the was not much that could be done with the equestrian army dwindled to stop the griffon from advancing and once again she and the last of their homes defense found them selves back in stalliongrad for one final time.It was a great final stand but many of equestria's squads feel one by one.With only a few squads left all of them weaken by the battle they were ordered to go into a full retreat while the griffon advanced into the city but despite her orders dawn was tired of running and decided to ignore them completely and fight to the end.Dawn wasn't the only one that stayed a couple ponies also had this idea including a lightblue unicorn the severed as a medic in the 346th but with the little restance that given practically all those brave ponies died except for dawn and the unicorn who were able to escape into a building the lead underground that served as a base to plan attacks.Dawn never liked to hide and tried to explain to the unicorn to let her fight and die for her country but when the unicorn refused to let her do this so dawn began to give the medic a direct order not pay attention to what the unicorn was doing when she turned her head ..she was frozen just like that.       

Equestria was now fully under griffon control and now it was just a matter tieing up lose ends which for many of the resisting ponies ment death or something worse but in order make sure there was going to be a tomorrow the ponies mounted up a attack on canterlot that act as a diversion to aid in the princesses and mane six's escape unfortunately not much can be told after that .. dawn wasn't around to see there escape was a safe success or not.But with the griffons now controlling the population and the country and all resistances taken care of they never really bothered to search for a body of LT.Dawn Star she just didn't mater to them all that much ..actual official griffon records actually claim she's dead. 

It's been 4 years sence the griffion takeover and the preservence spell wears off former LT. of the now extinct 20th of the equestrian army sneezes and open her eyes to see a dark dusty old room.She slowly gets up on her hooves and looks around a little dazed and confused like she lost her memory of the day before darkness.She trotes over to a table in the middle of the room and looks down at a dusty roll of paper.Dawn looks at squinting to see what it says underneath 4 years of dust.She finally blows the dust off the roll of paper which revealed a butch of lines and marked areas some in red and some in blue it's a map of the of griffion movement in Equestria in the old times.dawn studies the some what familiar symbols and shapes that were in blue and then looked at the lines that were in red. For some strange reason she felt funny...like she needed to leave but she ignored this feeling and looked at the map again ..she heard hoof stepes and looked up and fell back in fear because she saw was a ghostly figure of a unicorn galloping every where around her looking and taking things.Dawn felt what she sees is important and once again she get the feeling to leave.She decided to follow the ghostly unicorn hoof steps by grabing the map an equestrian scoped crossbow,food and water, a set of Equestrian curved swords,Equestrian curved tip bolts,a combat knife,her helment and a first aid kit..she puts all of these items in her official equestrian army saddle bags she strapped the swords to her sides, puts the crossbow holdster on her right side and her saddle bags on her back.She follows the unicorn that was in a hurry to get out of this dark room the ghostly phases though the metal doors dawn looks back for a second and then opens the doors and go outside.Once outside dawn can see the similarities of inside and outside dark,old,and dusty ruins of the battle ground the only difference was it was colder.Dawn exsamends the old pieces of wood,rusty armor plates,and rusty shields fragments she trots around looking for the unicorn but sees nothing except a tattered flag that reads"The Equestrian 20th Airborn ..the light of the world" she looks at and tears the flag down to look at closely she looks back up and once again sees the ghostly unicorn that gallops outword through the destroyed city that was once stalliongrad dawn follows the shadowy unicorn figure though the city and down the road after miles of traveling she reached a new city ...the city of manehattan.

Personal Timeline:

Year 4 Dec.9 Western Res. District [Midday] Meeting Me (Manehattan) {Not Complete}
Year 4 Dec. 11 Main Street [Midday] Just Browsing (Manehattan) {Not Complete}
Year 4 Dec.12 Main Street [Midnight] Siblings,or Strangers? (Manehattan) {Completed}
Year 4 Dec.XX Down Town [Night] Broken Knowledge (Manehattan) {On Stand By}
Year 4 Dec.13 Main Street{Haven Memorial Park} [Midday] A Singer's Intro (Manehattan) {Not Complete}
Year 4 Dec.14 Main Street [Afternoon] Recruitment Drive (Manehattan) {Not Complete}
Year 4 Dec.14 Main Street [Night] Fueling The Fire (Manehattan) {Not Complete}

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Re: Dawn Star {Pegasus}

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