Jimmyrigs Emilio Brakes (Earth Pony)

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Jimmyrigs Emilio Brakes (Earth Pony)

Post by Jimmy E. Brakes on Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:38 am

Name: Jimmyrigs Emilio Brakes, AKA, Jimmy E. Brakes
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Occupation: Tinkerer, Welder, On-and-off again Agitator, and Thrill Seeker
Likes: Simplicity, Hitting things with his hammer, the Mares
Dislikes: "Culty things", Talkers, Minor inconveniences
Astrology?: Aries
Special Talent: Demolition
Minor Talents: Welding, Engineering
Alignment: Rebel

Height: 5"
Coat Color: Clay-Red
Mane/Tail Color: Dirty Blond
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark:


Personality: Jimmy is a Manehattanite, born and raised, raising hell and getting in trouble for most of his days. Brash and rash and totally not cool, he sometimes has to hit a fool. He likes simple things, and people who talk simply, and doesn't take much stock in introspection nor esoterics. He had a grade school education, but didn't learn much, and isn't likely to learn much now.

He has a severe phobia of "culty things". He doesn't have a definition of culty things, and wouldn't much care to tell you what they are. He is afraid of things that appear to be, in fact, cults; as well as fearing the occult, and things that appear to be occult. He tends to get this culty fear whenever someone brings up religions or theology. He won't excuse himself- he'd just leave all while mumbling under his breath about culty things.

History: Jimmy has been on the streets for a few years now, having been kicked to the curb by parent's who couldn't care to have their son knocking more holes in their walls. He found work helping a master welder, and got lots of job experience working on the trams. He found that he could solve many of his mechanical problems by breaking things and putting them back together the right way. This underpinned both his talent and his overall outlook in life.

When the master welder died, Jimmy took over the shop without license, but the work dried up without the master welders credentials. Despite that, he made a life for himself in the Eastern Residential district, slumming out his talents with a maul and blowtorch to great effect on the improvised homes. He's fallen into a rebel crowd as of late, though has yet to get caught by the lawgriffons. He's not a pony of principle, but he's managed to get along just fine so far; eager to impress the rebels with his talents and make a name and living for himself, with the rebels if need be.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: He's got an uncanny way of working a sledgehammer that seems to defy gravity- Earth pony magic at its finest.

Personal Timeline: (once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.)
Jimmy E. Brakes
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Re: Jimmyrigs Emilio Brakes (Earth Pony)

Post by Steel Strike on Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:58 am

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