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Name: Windhover
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Occupation: Scout
Likes: Engineering/mechanic, drawing/art, music, reading/studying, strong hearted/courageous individuals.
Dislikes: Racists/supremecists, repetitive noises, long winded, pointless conversations, show-offs.
Astrology: :Cancer:
Special Talent: Reconnaissance and infiltration
Minor Talents: Engineering specialist
Alignment: Rebels


Height: 4" 4'
Coat Color: Beige
Mane/Tail Color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Cutie Mark: Winged dagger


Personality: An ordinarily quiet, lonesome and introverted individual, Windhover (Wind-hoe-ver) likes to steer clear of any social interactions he deems to be risky or uncomfortable. On the outside, he can seem cold and pragmatic, a straightforward realist with no sense of humour. Get on his good side, and he can be quite friendly, getting along exceptionally well with others. His initial charisma isn't anything remarkable, but those who take the time to understand him will most likely respect his good traits. Windhover himself is an extremely patient pony.

He is a very intelligent pegasus due to his many years of meticulous study, which still continue in his free time. His innate sense of curiousity often leads him to taking things apart to see how they work, and absorbing the knowledge attained quickly. He does, however, tend to be accident prone when doing so, and often, somehow, creating a small explosion in the process. He thinks out his courses of action thoroughly before attempting anything. He's not the strongest, or the biggest, that's for sure, but for what he lacks in size and brute strength he makes up with his intelligence, agility, and quick wits.


Windhover was born in Manehatten, between the young love of a couple who were harshly scolded by their own parents. The two eloped, seeking a life of their own, which they eventually found. His father obtained a stable job to keep things afloat while his mother took care of him at home. Everything was going fine, until his father was caught with another mare, shattering the relationship between the colt's parents. He was taken by his mother after they split up, only to be given up to his father after she realised she was in no position to care for him, financially or mentally.

For the next 13 years, Windhover was raised by his father and his wife, who moved to the suburbs of Manehatten. He was educated very well, always setting the bar higher for himself, striving to achieve the best, to stand out from the others. The curious young pegasus was greatly interested in mechanics and engineering, often taking things apart to see how they worked, much to the misfortune of his father. He poured hours and hours into his study, flying through lengthly textbooks on everything from history, to science, to art, and, most prominently, the military. Unfortunately for him, more issues arose with his father's love interest, forcing him to move back into the city, where he found many of its inhabitants to be in desperate need of proper schooling. Due to the great stress put on his father after going through several failed relationships, and the backstabbing nature of his own family, he blew up on his son one day, telling him that he no longer wished for him to be around. The pegasus, just nearing his 14th birthday, took it as an order, and silently left without a word, walking many miles to his mothers home, where he seemed refuge.

He was taken in by his mother, who was now far better off than before. Windhover went to a new school, resuming his own studies. Inside he was devastated by what his dad told him, and the words often repeated themselves in his mind. After staying with his mother for several years, he earned an apprenticeship in mechanics, while his father moved away to Trottingham with another lover. At this time, he was 16, and was living relatively well. Then came the war. In a quick swoop, the Griffons came and took over Canterlot, taking away Cloudsdale while stories of conflict in Stalliongrad came over, all in under a year. Then came the barraging of Trottingham, resulting in the inevitable death of his father along with hundreds of others, which sparked some kind of burning passion and motivation in him.

Now just 17, Windhover trained himself relentlessly, hoping to assist in the war effort. Every spare second was spent conditioning himself for the worst, molding himself into a soldier. It wasn't long before the griffons came knocking at his door, and he was forced to fight back. He actively participated in the Battle of Manehatten, providing much needed information to the soldiers there. After over a year of fighting, he eventually was forced into hiding, taking his mother along with him.

As if things couldn't get any worse, his mother was stricken by a strange sickness, leaving her confined to their home. Windhover, now 18, was forced to go out and run various materials, more often than not, illegal materials, to obtain the coin to pay for his mother's expensive medication. He lived this way for many years, learning the city's layout in and out, developing an intricate system of back alleys, hiding spots and shortcuts to avoid prosecution. By the time he was 23, his mother was reaching the end of her life, and he stopped paying for her medications upon her request. She died painlessly, peacefully, beside her smiling son, who buried her afterwards.

He knew his mother's death would come eventually, and kept himself from getting too broken up by it, figuring she was in a better place... Seeing as there wasn't anything restraining him now, he set out to help take back his nation, and try to restore what was left of the once great civilization. And what better way to do that, than take up arms with the rebels?

Special Skills Descriptions: He is a master at staying hidden, and operates much quieter than most others.



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