Falling Star [Pegasus}

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Falling Star [Pegasus}

Post by Syron on Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:20 pm

Name: Falling Star
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Detective
Special Talent - Falling:
You read right, his special talent is falling, stumbling, and crashing in any other way. If you think that is a crappy talent: There was a time Falling Star would have agreed.

But truth is, it's not that bad. Because whenever he falls, something good happens because of it, as little as it may be. He finds a bit, he meets somepony important, he gets a clue...

Not always is it something obviously good that happens, and sometimes there's a lot of time between the crash and the good thing. Sometimes the good thing is somewhat ridiculous. But something good happens. (Result on GM-Discretion if I don't deliver one)
Minor Talents: Investigation

Physical Appearance: Light brown coat and dark gray mane and tail. Mane is kept short, the tail at medium length. Normally he wears a deerstaler with padded chinstrap (to avoid a sore jaw from stumbling all the time).


Personality: Most of his life, Falling Star didn't realize the good of his "special anti-talent". He was depressed, and hardly left his home to give himself as few chances to fall as possible. This only changed when he once - completely by accident - literally stumbled into an investigation, and in the following managed to solve it, and again, falling on his snout was involved.

It needed time until he got over his depression, and from time to time, especially if he falls often without much good happening, she gets quickly frustrated. Most of the time however, he now manages to take the accidents with humor, with regularly awkward success. His success as detective certainly helped.

Because of his special talent, he developed a fear of flight and heights in general. It's difficult to overcome this fear, but if he's stuck in an investigation and simply sees no way to continue, he might begin to provoke his special talent.
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Re: Falling Star [Pegasus}

Post by Tisis Antony on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:31 am

Approved to the event. Do not forget your fancy detective outfit for the fancy dinner party.
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