Chili [Dragon]

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Chili [Dragon]

Post by Chili on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:19 am

-Name: Chili
-Nicknames: “Haphaestus”
-Species: Dragon
-Age: Adolescent (Stopped caring at around 120, presumably 127)
-Occupation: Freelance Worker and Deniable Asset
-Virtue: Ambition
-Special Talent: Fire/Acid Breathing. (two are allowed, as I recall)
-Minor Talents: Metalworking, piano playing, accounting, assorted counseling services, party/wedding planning,
-Affiliation: “Neutral”

-Height: 4’7”
-Scale Color: Charcoal
-Underside Color: Dark Gray
-Eye Color: Amber
-Cutie/Glyph: N/A (has odd markings self-carved into scales, though)
Chili has a keen loathing of gems because of his innate dependency on them, viewing them as an addictive substance. However, he appears to demonstrate an understanding that the need to consume gems is far worse than a “superficial” addiction, (such as alcoholism or an addiction to recreational drugs) as he actually needs to eat gems to stay alive. As a result, he intentionally restricts himself to eat more than two or three gems a month.

Because of this, Chili is afflicted a menagerie of odd health problems. With a somewhat sickly appearance, Chili’s wiry body is offset by two, freakishly-large, Popeye-like forearms, perfect for unmitigated acts of violence. His restrictive diet has also resulted in one of his wings forming without the fleshy membrane that enables him the ability to fly, and instead must wear a “prosthetic” made from parts of an old umbrella in order to achieve flight.  Another bi-product of his lack of regulated gem intake is the fact that he is in a constant state of shedding/molting. His shingle-like scales will fall from his body by any means of hard impact, (a sensation equated to getting hair pulled out) and will always have a few patches of dried dead skin attached to him.  

Chili’s lifespan has allowed him to accrue a number of various skills and trades over the years, ranging from metalworking to planning weddings and birthday parties. (It is rumored that he was the coordinator behind the most recent birthday party of Commander Feliks.) He maintains a calm, professional demeanor when speaking to clients, and always carries a copy of his resume tucked away underneath his scales, as you never know when a business opportunity will come about. Or from whom. In order to hire him, a potential customer must sign an employment contract that outlines the parameters of his services, and understanding that failure to pay will result in serious repercussions for the offending party.

When not doing odd jobs for the citizens for Manehatten, Chili mainly serves as a deniable asset to the local government, enabling a means to kidnap or kill targets without any connection to his employers, and enabling Chili to relieve some stress. And get free dinner too, occasionally.

  hili belonged to a obsidian pit boss along the Haephestian Range of the Griffon Kingdoms during the late years of his infancy, going by the name Hephaestus. His owner, taking full advantage of his high heat resistance, had him him serve as an excavator of the fresher batches layers of obsidian in the pits. During his time there, was considered the closely guarded trade secret of Sharpstone Obsidian Pit's high obsidian yield rate. After he outlived his owner, Chili quietly slipped away, finding work in the Tsardom’s many foundries as a metalworker and a furnace operator, his high resistance to heat serving as boon to his employers. When the war swung around, Chili served as a furnace operator on a few airships, as well as being part of a repair crew to keep the heart of the airborne war machines going.

As the war came to a close, Chili set his sights on the newly-captured Equestrian territory for business opportunities, slowly moving from city to city, wherever he could find a source of income. His travels led him to the city of Manehattan, a place of unmeasured opportunity. Holing himself up in the lower levels of an abandoned factory in the Industrial District, Chili now works as a freelance contractor, offering his wide breadth of services to those who seek them.

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Re: Chili [Dragon]

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