Rhena Fullplume [Griffon]

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Rhena Fullplume [Griffon]

Post by Rhena Fullplume on Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:11 pm

Name: Rhena Fullplume
Species: Griffon
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Occupation: Freelance Duelist/Former Mercenary
Virtue/Vice: Highly competitive/Obsessive and Arrogant
Special Talent: Swordplay
Minor Talents: Beauty and charm
Alignment: Griffons

Height: 5’2”
Coat Color: Gold, silver tips to her feathers.
Eye color: Maroon
Equipment carried: Two sheaths on her back for her swords. She has a gray talon on a chain around her neck.


Rhena is arrogant. She takes pleasure in knowing she is more powerful, capable and attractive than other griffons and especially compared to ponies. Coming from a wealthy Aquillian family, she certainly has an aura of entitlement around her. The “Effulgent Plumage” family, or ‘Fullplume’ in short, is well known for having gorgeous griffons who join the military for sport. Rhena is no exception to this rule.

She secretly vies to kill the pony responsible for her twin sister’s death during the war. As the idea of war is incongruous to her need to fight for no reason, she never was good with authority and didn’t follow orders. Her sister, Rhika, was the calmer, levelheaded one. Rhena on the other hand tended to get heated and responded with violence when confronted with a potential threat.

In spite her flaws, Rhena does give griffons and ponies respect when dueling. She chooses not to kill any being for the sake of keeping her name clean. However, this will certainly change once she finds the pony responsible for her sister’s demise.

House Effulgent Plumage in modern day have shed their hard-earned warring roots and lived a life of luxury in Aquillian territory. The heads of the family birthed two daughters, Rhena and Rhika, both whom showed extraordinary skills with a blade at a very early age. Rhika went on to fight in many battles on the front lines in the war in Equestria, while Rhena became a mercenary at home, scraping by to make a living while separated from her sister.

Rhena heard news of Rhika’s death sometime after the war was over. She immediately quit mercenary work and travelled around the newly controlled Equestria to research what had happened. This became an obsession for her, as war tends not to give clear-cut answers. The young hen decided to put her dueling abilities to use and fight those she suspected could have been present in the war.

After dozens of duels, all coming up with no leads but plenty of bits to spend as reward money, Rhena made her way to Manehattan. She heard that the city might have some resistance to griffon rule, making it a good choice for her search. 

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Duelist who dual-wields a long-sword and a short-sword. Her fighting style is highly dependent on her ability to fly and get around her opponents, using her weight to unbalance them to the ground and force them to yield.

She is attractive and uses this to her advantage whenever it be in a duel or trying to persuade information out of other griffons.

Personal Timeline:

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Re: Rhena Fullplume [Griffon]

Post by Steel Strike on Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:29 pm

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