Zweihander [Griffon]

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Zweihander [Griffon]

Post by Johan Tercel on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:37 am

Name: "Zweihander"
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 63 (Thirties equivalent)
Occupation: Ex-Griffon Stormtrooper; Now a broken mercenary.
Virtues/Vices: Intoxicant; after being brutally tortured and left for dead, Zwei developed a taste for alcohol. He has abused it at every opportunity.
Special Talent: Near-magical ability to use his favored weapon; The Claw-and-a-half, or the Zweihander. (Very large sword, around one and a half metres long, and very difficult to use)
Minor Talents: He can drink most Griffons under the table, but he has yet to forget the one creature to defeat him; a no-body Earth Pony.
Alignment: Griffon Kingdoms, Free Agent
Height: 5 feet, ten inches.
Coat Color: light brown, several scars mottle his right rear leg.
Feather Color: Dark Brown, with black streaks.
Eye Color: Hazel

Picture: [img][/img]

Personality: Quite silent most of the time. Do not mistake his silence for a broody soul, he was rendered unable to speak coherently during the war. Uncompromisingnon any deal involving money, and knows how to haggle. Able to fly well enough, but prefers the ground. Not especially agile, he relies on his skill with his sword and talon to win fights.
Loyal to a fault, once someone buys his skill, he'll generally stick with them unless the money runs out, or if he is placed outside of his "moral comfort zone". If the money runs out, he will give notice that he will leave soon unless payment is rendered. If the situation is the latter, he will get very upset. And things generally get maimed when "Zweihander" gets upset.
He does not care for pony-flesh, but will not stop other Griffons from partaking.
His moral zone consists of:
-No killing children unless a VERY good reason is given.
-Senseless murder of civilians is also not appreciated.
-Rape and/or torture for fun is OFF LIMITS. He will personally end the life of anyone he finds doing the first, and will generally beat the feathers out of anyone who tortures for fun. Torture for information is dependant on circumstances.

After his service in the latter half of the war, Zweilander developed three separate states of mind; only one allowed him to function like a sapient being. His rage, loyalty, and strength were placed in "Vengeance", who is little more than an animal. This is his least seen persona, and is only brought out when certain conditions are met. Vengeance has very little access to Zwei's memories. At the opposite side of the spectrum is "Regret", Zwei's fear, doubt, and depression all in one. Regret has access to EVERY single one of Zweihander's memories, and is forced to relive them non stop. Regret is only seen after large confrontations, or directly after a rising of Vengeance. And last of all, Zwei's sanity. This is the middle ground of his two extremes, and can only be maintained by Zwei being in non-stress situations, or having physical contact with his sword at all times. "Sanity" takes upon the name of his chosen weapon, signifying the blades importance. Without Zweihander's namesake, he would eventually become a gibbering wreck, attacking everything in sight.

History: From his hatching in an isolated Duchy as the youngest prince, the griffon that would come to be known as "Zweihander" was considered strong. Given a broad education in Equestrian Sciences, War, and the fine Griffon pastimes of battle and racing, he grew to become a young up-and-comer to the Griffon Empire's army, and was soon chosen to become a member of the "Stormtroopers", an advance vanguard division consisting of skilled soldiers and efficient operatives. Becoming his squads "Talon", also known as the Heavy Weapons specialist, he learned the art of the Hand-and-a-half sword, or Zweihander.
During the war, he became an able-bodied fighter, and he was in active service for long until the Fall of the Princesses. Having lost his voice to a unicorn(tongue ripped out using telekinesis, and a curse placed upon him during the torture that broke him mentally) and being brutally maimed by the same unicorn, he was left for dead on the battlefield. Laying there for over three days, he almost died from chronic dehydration, had it not been for a kind-hearted Griffon medic that came back looking for survivors. After being released from active service with no pay (due to "desertion") he left the Griffon homeland, disillusioned with his life before. Wandering around, he discovered alcohol, and promptly began a stormy relationship with the thing. Roaming from town to town, doing mercenary work for drinking money, he finally ended up in the ruin of Manehatten. Unbeknownst to most, Zweihander is actually a high-ranking member of a shadow organization, known as the "Prudentatae". Due to his, "unique" condition, his membership is mutually beneficial. So long as he does missions for the cult, and leads their elite private army, the Centurions, his messes and incidents that occur during his ever-increasing bouts of insanity are cleaned up, and he always has a safe haven to call home.

Fighting Style: Zweihander is competent with a light rapier, his claws, and his ridiculously huge swors (1 and a half meters). He fights conservatively, due to the nature of his training, as he was often given the heaviest armor possible. Because of this careful, defined style, Zweihander is able to think things through with his blade. One small misbalance or overcompensation, and he would be open to attack. He also has absolutely no skill in ranged combat, relying on his heavy armor to see him through missle fire.

Timeline (Incomplete):
A Day in the Park (October 21st, Year 4 Morning/Noontime)
Free Lunch (October 23'd Year 4, Noontime)
Trotting the Streets of Danger (October 26th, Year 4 Evening)
On the Run (October 27th, Year 4 Early Morning/Night)
Settling In (October 29th, Year 4)
City Meeting (October 29th, Year 4)
OGI meeting 1 (October 29th, Year 4)
Caravans, Cargo, and Centurions-What can go wrong? (October 29th Year 4)
Visiting Hours at St. Mercy's (October 30th Year 4)
OGI Meeting 2 (October 30th Year 4)
Xarith's General Goods (November 1st Year 4 Evevning/Night time)
Sinful Consequences (November 5th Year 4 Afternoon)

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