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Polar Chrome[Unicorn]

Post by Polar Chrome on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:17 pm

Name: Polar Chrome
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Occupation: Metallurgist
Science, beer, books, creative writing
Dislikes: Griffins, vodka, his past
Special Talent: Metallurgy
Minor Talents:
Theoretical knowledge of enchanting
Theoretical knowledge of mechanical engineering
Basic melee skills
Alignment: Undecided

Physical Appearance:

A unicorn stallion of a rather stronger build. He has normal height, and lacks any physical deformities. Due to his occupation, he keeps his brown mane and tail cut short. He has a kind looking face, with two deep set hazelnut eyes. He does not lack any teeth. 

Height: 4' 3''
Coat Color: Light Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Brown
Eye color: Hazenut
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A chrome ingot

Picture: /TO BE ADDED/


So... where to start telling the story of my insane life? A question we all ask, I guess. I could start with details about my early life, how my family and me lived in Canterlot, how I studied applied magic at Canterlot University.

Then the war started, when I was in my seventh semester. In the nine months, I've seen wonders being created at the University. Guns, capable of firing dozens of bullets every minute, powered by steam engines. New type of an airship, able to fly faster than anything the griffins had. Creatures made out of living metal, impossible to destroy. Weapons that could kill whole platoons with one strike.

We were fools. We should have known better. The path from original research to practical application takes years, decades. We had nine months, before the griffins took the capital. Celestia and Luna has left us behind, and the griffs shut down the University. Little of the research we managed to hide, most of it was destroyed or taken away to the Kingdoms. And of that of which we managed to hide, so much was found anyway... I was forced to watch execution of my colleagues, proffesors... so much intellect lost.

I dreamt about building machines of wonder and destruction, that would wake up and slaughter every griffin from here to Stalliongrad. Unstoppable devices that would not heed to any plea of mercy, and would scare griffins for generations.

In retrospect... I should have gotten a marefriend. Would have saved me a lot of trouble, and I would have gotten laid. Lot better life outlook than avenger of the fallen.

Instead, I have became jaded, seeing all kinds of oppression and cruelty over my time in occupied Canterlot, growing somewhat insensitive to them. Seven years and three months of this, and then our Princesses just marched on Canterlot and stupidly lost. Griffs told us about them being dead, but... well. Can you kill a god?

I do not know. I guess noone know. Anyhow, with the war over, and the restrictions on movement lifted, I decided I had enough of Canterlot. I packed what stuff and money I had, and picked up a small parcel of documents from my hidey hole. The research I mentioned earlier? The University actually did produced some useful stuff. Among the inventions was a relatively minor one. A new type of alloy, mix of various metals, smelted under very specific conditions, combining a standard smelter and a magical field that gave the resulting metal unique attributes.

The metal was lightweight, yet had high elastic limit and was resistive to temperature, requiring absurdly high temperatures to melt. Working with it was hard, given the fact that you would need a yet undiscovered smelter that would allow you to attain extreme temperatures for prolonged time. It could cause a revolution in armour technology, but, as always, it came too late. Chrome suspected he was the last pony alive that knew about it, or knew how to prepare it.

So, with this secret in my luggage, and a modest sum of money, I set off to Manehatten on the newly repaired railroad. As I left the train carriage at the Manehatten central rail road station, I looked around, and inhaled air of the new city. I wasn't sure why I was here. maybe for business. Maybe to find new life, maybe something else, but hey... anything was better than Canterlot. I just needed to push that part of my life from my mind.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Basic set of unicorn spells
Metal prospecting spell
Variety of fire and heat projection spells (geared towards industrial, not combative use)

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