Violet Synth (Pegasus)

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Violet Synth (Pegasus)

Post by Violet Synth on Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:07 pm

Name: Violet Synth
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 26 (In Year 4)
Occupation: Taking care of her half-arsed Brother
Virtue: Patience
Special Talent: Playing Violin
Minor Talents: Organisation, Smuggling, Blade Mastery, playing various other instruments.
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 4’4”
Coat Colour: Purple
Mane/Tail Colour: Slightly Darker Purple, with a touch of Light Blue
Eye colour: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A Violin with Wings, yeah. I win. Best mark, Year 4!

Cutie Mark:

Very Patient, which is handy. Taking care of her brother is such a pain in that backside of hers.
Violet Synth Is very organised, nothing can get past her plans easily. Need a burger for dinner because your lazy brother ate everything else? Set and Planned nearly as soon as it’s discovered, and after getting annoyed at your brother too.
Playing Violin helps keep her calm though. Much to her brother, Falling Star’s, luck. Violin isn't her only instrument, but Violin sounds the best to her ears. She can play most stringed instruments. Yup, don’t mistake her colours for a party lover because that is not the case. Play distorted Dubstep to her and she’ll probably react the same way as when Vinyl plays it to wake Octavia up in the morning.
(Not happy, at all)

Violet Synth lived in Cloudsdale for a couple of years, until they had to move because of her brother’s love for crashing to the ground. (She didn't think it was that serious at the time.) She had to leave all her friends for that reason as well, which she really didn't like.
Moving to Manehattan wasn’t all bad; she managed to get enrolled at a school of music, where she learned to play various instruments. There she met new friends, and generally enjoyed things as time went on, happily showing her Parents her new Cutie Mark shortly after enrolment. Generally learning things faster than her Brother did, flying wasn’t that much of a bother to her. Except other learners who were over-confident (Idiots).

She found her time at home to be pretty restless, as whenever her parents were out she had to take care of Falling Star. She and her father had a hard time actually encouraging Falling Star to fly, but like her father, she was patient, a lucky trait to inherit. Other than that, life was good.
Until the Griffon’s attacked Manehatten. She and her family tried to flee, but because of Falling Stars inability to fly, they were slowed down. And she ended up being pulled down into the sewers because of him, unfortunately, she couldn't go back up. It was suicide, the Griffon’s were everywhere. And she nearly broke down at the thought of her parents being killed, hurt or worse, all because of Falling Star.
She never knew the fate of her parents, but it took them such a long time to navigate the sewers in the first place that she couldn't think about it. Now she has to take care of her brother all the time, and playing her instruments is mostly what keeps her in a good mood. Any other time and she can rarely put on a happy face, always seeming Irritated. (By everything)

Personal Timeline: (Once the character begins posting, don’t be a spanner and forget to update it for ages.)
Violet Synth

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Alignment: Rebels, they taste funny though.
Profession: Violin/Taking care of her lazy Brother
Age: 26 (Y4)

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