Contemplative Muse [Unicorn]

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Contemplative Muse [Unicorn]

Post by Contemplative Muse on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:40 pm

Name: Contemplative Muse
Species: Unicorn Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Occupation: Musician, Scholar
Virtue/Vice: Passion
Special Talent: Playing of Clarinet
Minor Talents: Composition of music, application and gathering of knowledge, learning
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 3’11”
Coat Color: Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Primarily Blue, purple.
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A 32nd note inscribed on the page of a book.


Personality: A high-society pony, Muse is often a very pretentious pony in comparison to her current situation; however, when she is not acting in the ways of former high society, Muse can be a very down-to-earth pony, often sympathizing with others and attempting her best to help them, however only if they want said help. That being said, she won’t go out of her way to help every last pony on the damn planet; she will, however, go out of her way on request or if she sees something inherently wrong. It would be difficult for her sensitive and sympathetic side to become provoked, however, as usually she is hardened and tries to distance and alienate herself from the terrible aftermath of war that she was living in.

Most of the time, Muse is pretentious, serious, and attempting to block out the world about her by burying herself into books, gaining knowledge in the process, or writing or performing music. She doesn't make much money in this manner, however, but occasionally does performances which she relishes in for some form of money in order to provide herself with sustenance. That being said, she has problems with indulgence and problems with realization, often unable to see what the world for what it truly is, or, if she did know, she was just simply denying it.

History: Muse was born to an upper class family and lived her life almost entirely a sheltered child, albeit not getting everything she wanted save for musical education and real education, which she received from a fancy charter school that she completed in record time, being a venerable genius. Therefore, by the age of 16, she had skipped two grade levels entirely, outperformed her classmates (save for maybe three of them), and gathered enough fancy musical education from her parent’s pockets that she was able to get a spot in the Royal Canterlot Academy of Music, except it was a shame that it was closed due to the war. Therefore, she had to attend a “second-rate” school as she would call it, gathering even more success and gaining more rivalries than you could shake a stick at due to her unreasonably competitive nature.

It was not until after she had completed four years at said second-rate school that the griffons ransacked her town of Manehatten, leaving her alone as her parents were killed in the battle. As she was the rightful owner of their home she took refuge in what remained of it, being some of the basement and first floor housing. After that collapsed, she used what remaining wealth she had from their death to buy a house for herself, albeit a small house, in the Western Residential District of Manehatten, where she has eked out an existence since the end of the war.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Telekinesis: Years of manipulating the keys on her instrument of choice has made her telekinesis a bit more precise than usual.

Personal Timeline: Street Corners are now Casinos, for some Reason Dec. 5, Year 4

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Re: Contemplative Muse [Unicorn]

Post by Steel Strike on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:54 pm

Perfect. Accepted.
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