Soft Feather [Pegasus]

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Soft Feather [Pegasus]

Post by Soft Feather on Sat May 11, 2013 10:43 pm

Name: Soft Feather
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: Wing care specialist
Virtue/Vice: Honesty
Special Talent: Feather and wing Care
Minor Talents: Numbers, or more so how to make them work to her advantage
Alignment: Neutral


Height: 4' the normal size of a pony mare.
Coat Color:dark white
Mane/Tail Color: Blue/Dark Blue
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A single feather

Soft Feather is a not hard character to nail down, In-fact, her character flows as much as a brick wall, she remains a constant, always smart, always logically thinking, always strangely friendly. If one was to talk to her, she would simply give them a smile and ask what she can do for them, do said service and be gone, no one knows exactly where she goes or where she is from.

If once was able to talk to her for more then a few seconds, they would find that the way she speaks is almost...fake...forced, unnaturally with all thing related to this mare, there is a reason behind it....only very few ever get to know her real personalty, one that she keeps close to her chest.

History: Soft Feather had a rather normal upbringing before the war, growing up on a small town on the border of the griffon kingdoms with kind and loving parents, always where there for her but sadly for the young mare, it was not to be, the griffons invaded, Her town was one of the first hit. The mare's parents fought bravely, but in all, they left her alone, rather by capture or death, their fate is unknown.

The Blue mare was only in her teen years when all of this happened, she had to adapt quickly to her new singular life, she did not even have her cutie mark at the time, nor did she have a clue what it would even be, till one fateful day, begging for money, she was offered a rather short job, helping a griffon with his matted wings, something she did quite a good job at, she had found her talent, something she enjoyed deeply, something she could make money was even her cutie mark

The rest of the mare's life is a blur till she found herself in a city, one where she found work, by this time in her life, she had gotten a bit of money to work with, she owned her own cart, where she works at most of the day, giving wing care to all of the griffons and pegasi who can afford her services.....the strange thing about all of this is, the money she makes....seems to disappear into thin air, yet she does not buy anything more, or less then what she normally has, only she knows what she does with her profit.

The mare's has plans, many plans, some very mundane, such as opening her own storefront, maybe hiring a assistant, as well as some of her other plans, involving revenge against the empire who slayed her parents....but right now, her goals are the sooner of the two.
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Re: Soft Feather [Pegasus]

Post by Steel Strike on Mon May 13, 2013 9:20 pm

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