Quantum Flash (unicorn) (Complete)

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Quantum Flash (unicorn) (Complete)

Post by Paradox on Fri May 03, 2013 10:46 pm

Name:Quantum Flash
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Occupation: Glassworker
Virtue/Vice: Has a long temper but holds long grudges, seeking maximal revenge against any enemies, also tends to be a perfectionist
Special Talent: Light
Minor Talents: Increased night vision, lens work
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 4'2"
Coat Color: Dark Gray
Mane/Tail Color: Silver
Eye color: dark blue with gold flecks
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A beam of light refracting through a prism to form a rainbow

Personality: At one point cheerful and easygoing, the occupation has made him much more serious. He tends to be analytic and perfectionist when it comes to his work and sometimes will get caught up in a project, wanting anything he does to be done right. However, this focus does not extend to things he doesn't particularly like. To go with this he exhibits a stubbornness which which can sometimes get him in trouble since he feels often the best way to do something is to do it himself. However, he understands, after several altercations with some griffons the importance of not drawing attention to one's self.

Quantum tends to over think things and so rarely acts before he thinks about the situation. This somewhat inquisitive nature led to an enjoyment of science and reason, unfortunately he tends to disparage, at least to himself, anyone who lacks such "common sense." He also enjoys taking things such as spells or weapons and inventing creative uses for them beyond their normal use. For example, his shield spell was originally intended as a cover against inclement weather. This leads to him sometimes do things that others would consider "cheating" because he found such a loophole.

History: Quantum was not born in Equestria. His father was a moderately successful merchant who would often travel as a result of his work and enjoyed taking his wife along with him. Quantum was born on one such trip and so lived a few months in foreign lands until his family returned to Equestria. Deciding that such trips would be a bad idea with a young foal, they moved into an apartment in downtown Manehattan where Quantum would grow up. Despite the long trips that his father still had to make, Quantum lived a normal foalhood in the urban jungle.

One year, however, his school sponsored a trip to Canterlot for the Summer Sun Celebration. Quantum was staggered by Celestia's glory and attempted to recreate it himself. Although he could not match her in brilliance, he discovered an affinity for the control of light around him in power and intensity. Further exploring the world of manipulating light, he discovered the sciences of lenses and prisms. Apprenticing to a glass smith at age 12, Quantum mastered glass work in three short years; his unicorn magics allowing him to precisely manipulate the molten glass into intricate shapes. Over the next year years he aided his father by running his father's Manehattan office while he was abroad. To the wares he also added his own glass sculptures which were simple yet produced brilliant rainbows in the light.

It came as no surprise to his own family when the Griffons invaded. Having traveled extensively before Quantum was born, his father had known much about the conflicts of the Griffons and their opinions on the Equestrians. However, the relentless efficiency and savagery of the Griffon invaders left them staggered. Despite this, Quantum's father continued to travel and so was trapped in Trottingham when the shield was activated before the Griffon attack. He never returned.

After this, Quantum and his mother moved out of Manehattan, since they knew that it would eventually be a target itself for the invasion. They settled in a small town far enough away that it was ignored until the official occupation began. There Quantum worked making glass products for the local hardware store. When he heard tales of the Rebellion in Manehattan, he decided to join himself, and now comes to Manehattan officially to help make glass windows and such to help repair the city.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: His special talent being light means that he has an increased ability and understanding at how to manipulate light in the form of spells and lenses. As such, although any unicorn can produce light with their horn and magical auras, Quantum can generate much brighter light with his horn and focus it into a flashlight or spotlight like beam, or control the luminosity of any light producing object or magical aura, although he cannot make auras or light sources completely dark.

Spell List: (note: practice will increase the power of spells significantly)
-Celestial Flash: A bright burst of light which blinds anyone in front of Quantum whose eyes are not shielded. Charges in 5-10 seconds, longer than 30 can lead to permanent blindness. The flash "overloads" Quantum's horn's ability do directly generate light, meaning the basic flash can only be used every few minutes.

-Auric bubble: A simple shield bubble capable of deflecting weak hits. Anything above a few crossbow bolts or a single direct sword strike will destroy the barrier.

-Shadowstep: A powerful spell which causes an object or being to completely absorb all visible light, essentially rendering it completely black and invisible in low light or darkness for up to five minutes or when dispelled by the user. Cannot completely darken actual light sources like torches or spell auras. Takes 2 minutes to charge and uses around half Quantum's power.

Weapons: twin daggers wielded with telekinesis.

Personal Timeline:

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Re: Quantum Flash (unicorn) (Complete)

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