Warm on the Cold Front (Dated) (Ask Winter)

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Warm on the Cold Front (Dated) (Ask Winter)

Post by Johan Tercel on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:49 am

November 28th, Year 4 of Occupation
(Roughly 11:00 p.m.)

The Western Residential District, or "West Res" as the inhabitants called it, was one of the more peaceful areas of Manehatten. The beings lucky enough to live here had an existance of relative stability, not barring the occasional robbery or murder.

The unicorn mare "Winter Bell" lived here; a well maintained, (if on the small side) mansion overlooked the once beautiful park of Manehatten, signifying the relative wealth of the pony within.

Greedy eyes took the splendor in from the shadows.

Seven beings, all in varying degrees of desperation, gripped rusted weapons in paws, talons, and mouths. This was a gang of thugs that had been running a protection racket around Manehatten for the last few months. Preying on petty shop owners and beggars, they had remained relatively harmless: until now. They had been staking out the mare's home for a few days, awaiting the perfect moment to strike, when the pony was alone.

And easy pickings.

The leader, a wiry unicorn, stepped out of the shadows, an acrobat's body hidden under a cloak. With a fearless swagger, he turned to his gang.

"Alright, leth thee if thith mare hath all the coin promithed, eh?" He said, a horrendous "lithp" accompanying his voice. His gang seemed to pay no mind to the lisp, however, as they emerged from the shadows quickly enough. Two Diamond Dogs, a griffon, three earth ponies, and a pegasi grinned in excitement. It was time to do what they did best.
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