Tytron [Griffon]

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Tytron [Griffon]

Post by Tytron on Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:10 am

Name: Tytron
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 43 (22 1/2
Occupation: Slave-Driver
Virtue/Vice: Tytron is rather aggressive and will always take the most physical approach to things.
Special Talent: Making people work harder, that is if whipping can be considered a 'Special Talent'
Minor Talents: A dead-eye with a throwing knives, and average swordsmanship.
Alignment: Griffons

Coat Color: Black/Gray
Mane/Tail Color: Gray/White
Eye color: Crimson
Cutie/Glyph Mark: None

Picture: (I can't post links for pictures due to being too new. I WILL pm it to the admin/mod that reviews my app though.)

Personality: Tytron is a very aggressive and relentless Griffon. He is heavily influenced by the chain of command, and will obey any order given to him by a superior without any questions. Tytron looks down upon all other races, seeing them as inferior beings who are only good for slaving. When left in charge of over watching slaves, Tytron is abusive too those who begin to slack. He will beat them until their work ethic improves. For those who do their job right, Tytron will take a partial claim over them; quick to rough up any other slaver of equal or lesser rank should they interact with them at all.

Tytron gets along with very few Griffons, prefering to only speak with those who are submissive to him. Should another Griffon speak against him, Tytron will be quick to lash their face with his whip. He also does not take criticism well either. He will swallow his pride around an officer, but any other griffon that is fair game. Tytron has only one soft spot, and that is for cats which, like himself, look down upon everything else.

Tytron was born into a lower-nobility family of the Courts. He was the sixth born son, and knew from an early age that he would inherit nothing but the family name. So from that early age, Tytron knew that his best chance for a good life would be the military. Tytron had just come of age when the War in Equestria started. He let no time slip as he joined up with the Griffon military.

He spent the first year of the war in training in the Hephaestian Range. He would have spent another year there, but the assault on Manehatten required all able bodied soldiers; even those that were only trained for a year. Tytron and the other soldiers were given their orders to fly and garrison the assault. They flew and arrived days after departing.

Upon arriving at the city, they were sent into the battle without delay. Tytron and the other half-trained soldiers flew up high, and dove into the city. The group became scattered as the Ponies answered their dive with projectiles. Magic bolts were shot up at them, causing the Griffons to weave and swerve for safety. Upon arriving on the ground with eight other soldiers, Tytron and his group were met with immediate resistance.

They charged at them with great force. The Ponies were not going to let them land in the city without a fight. Tytron and the others drew their swords, forming up into a defensive ring. The first pony to die by Tytron's sword was a brown Earthland pony. Tytron slew him down in one strong stroke of his sword across the chest. He can still remember the stone that was the cutie mark of that pony. After him, Tytron spent less time taking notice of the ponies, save one.

Tytron slashed left, right, up, and down! Slaying each and everypony that charged at him. About three of the other Griffons had already fallen by the time Tytron met his equal. The pegasus was extremely swift, leaving a blurring blue with each strike and pass. Tytron could not keep up, and soon began to feel much fatigue. It was then that he got an idea. As his opponent finished making a pass, Tytron pulled off a whip from one of the dead Griffons. He could see the figure coming back around for another strike and pass, but this time Tytron was ready.

CRACK! The sound of the whip went as Tytron snapped it at the figure. In the blink of an eye, the pegasus was tumbling head over heel after the whip had landed directly between the eyes. CRACK! The whip sounded again as it caught the pegasus mid-tumble by the hoof. Tytron slammed the whip down and with it, the pegasus. He slowly made his way towards the now defeated opponent. He was ready to strike the final blow. But before he could get to the pegasus, another pony charged at him. And then another, and another. They were surrounding him. The other Griffons had been overwhelmed as Tytron had fought his mysterious opponent. Knowing when to turn tail, Tytron made a break for it.

Tytron flew away that day. He made his way back to the Griffon camp and saw to his wounds. He assaulted everyday with the other Griffons, searching for the pegasus that had escaped his claws. And everyday he failed. When the City fell, Tytron searched through the bodies, trying to find this opponent. Again, he failed.

After the assault on Manehatten, Tytron participated in every battle leading up too the Battle for Stalliongrad. It was there that he found his equal once again. Having another fight, Tytron lost the fight as the pegasus made wise to avoid him with the whip. The pegasus had devised a plan where with each pass, it would wind a rope around Tytron. Had it not been for a nearby soldier who kept the pegasus at bay, Tytron would not have lasted much longer. Tytron followed through with the plan and retreated, and then charged the Ponies again. He did not encounter the opponent a second time that day.

Tytron declared himself the better when his opponent had failed to be seen for the rest of the war. But that had left a certain feeling. One that made him feel as though he had not seen the last of his adversary. One that lead him to become a slave driver, so that he may hone his abilities with the whip. One that had made him vow that he would be ready when the opponent he began to call, Spectral, would appear for a final fight.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Power-Whip: Tytron cracks his whip at an opponent's appendage. He then flings them skyward and slams them down. (Assuming the opponent RPs being caught by it)

Personal Timeline:
Nov. 30th Year 4 Reassignment: http://mlpgriffonkingdomsrp.forumotion.com/t616-reassignment-dated-open#8592

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Re: Tytron [Griffon]

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