Sergeant Snapshell (Griffon) (Completed)

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Sergeant Snapshell (Griffon) (Completed)

Post by Johan Tercel on Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:03 pm

Name: Sergeant Snapshell
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 110 (55)
Occupation: Manehatten Guard Sergeant
Special Talent: Perception; Snapshell is incredibly perceptive for a griffon, able to hear and see things before most others can.
Minor Talents: Good throwing arm. Snapshell is above-average with thrown objects, being an athlete before the war.

Physical Appearance: Gray-feathered and scarred, the sergeant is the epitome of what most griffons consider a "fighting veteran". Possessing brilliant blue irises, without sign of age, and in good shape, he could almost be mistaken for a younger griffon, were it not for his gray colouration. A notable feature of his is a scar, located directly beside his right eye. This scar travels all the way down to his chin, and is the result of a murder investigation gone wrong.

Picture: (pictures are not required, but are recommended)

Personality: Snapshell is confident, and has more then a pinch of stubbornness about him. However, he thinks things through before making a decision, deliberating if he can. He rarely loses his nerve in a fight, but eagerly embraces the concept of "flee, and fight again another day". He hasn't become a veteran for never retreating, that is for sure.

He bears no hatred for Equestrians, and is considered more "free-thinking" by the top brass in Manehatten. However, that is not meaning that he sympathizes with rebels; he holds a special place for traitors and insurgents, often going out of his way to insure that they are detained, jailed, and hit with the full extent of the law.

Special Skills/Abilities: The sergeant is above average in endurance, able to fly and run for quite a distance before tiring, but is average for total strength. His speed is alright, but due to his age, he is beginning to slow down. (Tsar help you if you mention it in his presence though) As a sergeant in the Manehatten Guard, Snapshell leads a squad of guards most times, but will occasionally go independent, or in a team of other griffons for some "extra cash".

Items: leather armour(standard guard issue, comes with a satchel for items and several easy-access pockets, as well as a hood) iron sword (plain, standard guard issue) fire starter (flint and steel mechanism, convenient fire starting) torch, and firebomb (special compound inside, light fuse and and throw. Sticky flames cover target)
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