Event Character Sheet Application

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Event Character Sheet Application

Post by Double Edge on Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:18 pm

Welcome! If you are reading this, that means you are ready to create your own character for an Event and join in on the fun. Hopefully this guide will make the process quick and painless. All you'll be needing is the form below, and an urge to create a great story and character.

First, you will need to copy and paste the following form into a new topic in the Registration forum. Make the topic name the name of your character, followed by his/her species in brackets, followed by the application's status.

Example: Double Edge[Unicorn][WIP]
Example: Tisis Anthony[Griffon][Completed]

Remember for the most part these events are not canon in the struggle between the griffons and the rebels, however they will be set in canon locations, such as the Industrial districts, Griffon HQ, etc etc. Because of these relations between griffon and pony are completely open, and totally up to you.

Pictures are not required, but are recommended. They may be self-drawn, commissioned, or generated. If you need a generator, here are a few good ones: General Zoi's Pony Creator, HUB's Facebook Pony Maker, Griffon Generator. If you would like to commission a character, try looking around on DA or check the Art section.

Application Form:
Age: (Ponies use normal human age; Griffons use double that; i.e. a 20 year old pony would be equivalent to a 20 year old human, a 40 year old griffon would be equivalent to a 20 year old human; Griffons live longer than ponies)
Special Talent:
Minor Talents: (optional, 1-2)

Physical Appearance: (One paragraph summery of your character's basic appearance. At least one paragraph of 3 sentences or more.)

Picture: (pictures are not required, but are recommended)

Personality: (Does not need to be incredibly detailed, but try for at least one good paragraph of 3 sentences.)

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: (for characters have any special qualities that need a more in-depth explanation)

Keep in mind when creating your character, which race you choose to play as. Each has flaws and advantages. The available species are:

Unicorn Ponies: Not durable or strong, and unable to fly, but they have magic.
Earth Ponies: Lack magic and flight, but are extremely strong.
Pegasus Ponies: Lack the raw power of Earth Ponies, and don't have magic, but they can fly.
Griffons: Big and strong, can fly, have hands.
Zebras: Can do alchemy, good hoof-to-hoof fighters.
Buffalo: Tanks, big and strong, take big hits.
Diamond Dog: Hands, can dig, strong and tough.
Donkey: Small but strong, good workers.
Changelings: Small, is versatile, can specialize; REQUIRED FOR ANY CHANGELING CHARACTER

Alicorns, Dragons, and Minotaurs are still not playable races, not even in events sorry.
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