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Post by Tisis Antony on Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:50 am

*Cue sound of trumpets*

This is the-


Ha!- See, I got a sense of humor! Though this isn't the flashy image filled Bulletin I hyped it up to be, we in the staff still feel the need to make some major announcements. So put on your big boy pants and try to hang with us, because, this shit is about to get serious- first, though, lets get the flashy images out of the way 'cause I still want some.

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To begin, the staff is beginning a series of clean-ups with intent to make the canon, rules, site layout, and GK in general prettier, wittier, and as the song goes, gay (though in purely the vintage meaning, sexual orientation will remain at the discretion of members). The cleanup will include reformatting canon pages to make them easier to read, removing superfluous sub boards that clutter up the main page, retrofitting the rules so all pertinent rules are easily accessible and findable by those who need them, and generally making things visually consistent and one single body, instead of the scattered, tacked on, and piled up body of rules we have.

This cleanup is just the beginning of a rolling set of changes that were heavily debated and refined, and included in the coming weeks and months, staff will be hard at work implementing features and facets that have either been long neglected, or merely laid to the side. As staff secretary and official site progress-heckler, I can assure you these are purely minor changes that serve to make the site site more comfortable, make good impressions on potential newponies, and possibly recreate the terms necessary to call in the nintieth Age of Cthulu.

As you can already see, the portal and index now contain a convenient tag meant to aid newponies and veterans alike with figuring out what time in the calender we are posting in. This will be changed every four days, with the intent being that we will move forward one canon day for every four days in real life. This will hopefully help those who frequently haunt threads merely to find the most recent used date, and those who find themselves falling behind in roleplay but unable to cite just how far.

Other minor changes include the gradual implementation of the Equestrian rail system, a removal of certain staff burdens that have been hogging manpower (including the canon calender, which has seen little to no use, and the Bored Board, for the same reason) and a revitalization of the GK Times, forum games, and general festivities. GK will be poppin', hoppin' and alive, so shake off your inactivity dust and get ready for some fun times.


Substantial is our effort to re-gear and shift forum focus from the non stop gore and oppression that we've seem to have settled in favor of a still tense, albeit relaxed oppression. This may come as a bit of a disappointment to those who have developed an affinity for the constant death and despair we've fostered as of late, but this has not been without heavy consideration. The kind of dark roleplay will still exist, and certainly players are encouraged to engage in those kinds of plotlines if it so favors them, but the canon interpretation of the city of Manehattan itself is shifting from one where such atrocities are commonplace, to one where ponies can walk down the street and sit in their own homes without needing fear of spontaneous Griffon arson. This is less of a shift in roleplay- roleplay will continue as is, but increasingly players will notice that Griffon patrols are less liable to spontaneous bouts of murder, and that Rebels will increasingly be given opportunities to raise their lots in life. So, sorta, less grim, than we were before. But still dark!

Now, I've saved the best for last- in these recent months, people have been complaining about GK becoming "stale", and "boring". People have been complaining about "beating dead horses" (though I thought that was the point all along, I have been corrected).

The staff are committed to making GK fun- having fun is sorta the reason people come here (use of GK as a social networking device aside). And in light of this, the staff is beginning a new policy regarding Events at GK, to make them more accessible, fun, interesting, and to exploit the full breadth of the lore and canon that we have to offer.

Starting today, voting will begin on the Inaugural Staff Event. These events will hark back to the very first (failed) event, the Seige of Horsehitcher Pass, wherein players were permitted to control characters specific to that event. These characters, that we are calling Event Characters, are expected to become a common occurrence at GK as we begin revving up and serving a higher caliber of fun and immersion. As we get into the hang of hosting events, players will gradually notice staff using events in pertinence to canon, to help progress the plot, and eventually field events with heavy emphasis on progressing the central plot of the Manehattan Drama.

For the Inauguration Event, you will be able to vote for the following action packed and interesting events, which, though they have little bearing on current canon, should serve as an excellent start to what is going to become a fine Griffon Kingdoms tradition:

-The Broken Blockade-
Proposed by myself, The Broken Blockade will be an event centered around a contest between airships in Manehattan's hotly contested bays. The event will be divided between two groups of ships, one pirate, and one non-pirate, as they compete in the air for the right to survive the night. Expect cooperation and big payoffs as you and your airship crew navigate the skies in a ballista-filled festivity of carnage and chaos.

-No Time and Rising Waters-
An ambitious thread bringing Ponies and Griffons together in a common cause- and one that Double is best to describe.

"Three days ago, a distant earthquake, rocked the coast of Equestria, though its initial effects were not detrimental to the city and the surrounding regions. Just a few hours ago, there was a has been a disturbing report reaching the ears of the rebels and griffons alike. A Tsunami, heading right for the coast, and a small settlement of griffons and ponies alike. Those observing the wave estimate that it will strike the town in nearly twenty five minutes, and evacuation has not been as organized as the griffons had hoped. However there is still time, time for brave individuals to rush into the town and help save as many as they can as waters begin to rise and the wave comes closer, or time to loot the town as it descends into chaos, with everyone trying to save their own skins, no one would notice a few things going, “missing”." -An essay from Double Edge. (i kid please don't kill me)

-Behind Shadows and Shades-
Proposed by Zweihander, this dark mystery involves players investigating a series of disturbing murders. Races of all varieties can have a motivation to involve themselves, though be forewarned- this event is not for the faint of heart. Perfect for all you fans of the dark in grimdark. Details remain hidden, though, due to the nature of the event- wouldn't want to spoil anything, would we?

"Ponies have been found, mysteriously murdered. What could have caused such a thing???" - an apt description from one Zweihander.

-Shapeless Endeavors-
Proposed by Megabyte and further endorsed by Double, Shapeless Endeavors involves a delve into the dark secrets of mysterious facility situated in the Industrial district. Creatures- should you call them that, have been luring unwary ponies in, never to be seen again. Do you have the bravery, fortitude- but most of all, the ability to survive, the raw terror that lurks within?

Creatures go in, monsters come out...

"Lab 18, before the war it was on the cutting edge of technology, some said it was the driving force of Equestria’s technological advancements. However after the war, after the accident that left many dead, more missing, no one dared to step into the complex ever, at least for the awhile. Now, it stands as that of a beacon to the past a place where forbidden technology could be found and either sold on the market to make one rich, or used to hinder their enemies. However as ponies and griffons alike went inside, rumors began to spread, rumors of creatures hiding in the dark, only seen in fleeting instants. Rumors of threats, hiding in the walls, the floors, even in the water itself, its victims being reduced to nothing but bones in an instant. But the rewards, that could be found, weapons, tools, knowledge, magic. Is it worth the risk? Some from groups certainly think so as they begin to assemble their parties to once again brave the halls of Lab 18 for its secrets." - Detailed description, provided by Double! Thanks Dubs!

-Stormy Weather-
Proposed by Steel Strikes as both a fun event, and a way to finally formalize the weather inconsistencies that exist from thread to thread, this event stars participants as willing volunteers who venture into the carnage of a malfunctioning Weather Factory near Manehattan. Fun for all factions, expect quick thrills, and danger at every turn.

"A weather machine pilfered from Cloudsdale and transported to Manehattan by the griffons, has run amok! Will you help stop the dangerous machine, before it destroys the city?" -Description from Steel Strikes.(Steel here! I'm partially giving credit to Shadowstrike/Silvy for this idea. Hes the first one to point out the inconsistencies in the weather, and I thought why not kill two birds with one stone? So thank you! :hattip:)

Shortly after this bulletin is posted, a poll will be posted up HERE. Go into the poll, select your choice, and sit back and wait for the polling to end. We expect it to last between two and four days, to allow everyone with an interest to get involved.

How to apply-

While ponies are voting on the event to be had, a subforum will be created and a template posted therein for the new type of character, EVENT CHARACTERS. These characters are devised to be quick to design, easy to play, and ultimately, easy to dispose. Ponies will be restricted to one event character per event, and it is suggested that ponies who wish to frequent many events either dispose of their current event character in a fitting fashion when the thread is done, or move to have the event character implemented in some semi-permanent or permanent fashion. Event characters can be reused if desired, though keep note that the staff as a whole generally frowns on the reckless creation and collection of alts and characters that may ruin a players ability to focus on any single one of them.

What happens next-

When voting is done, and we have our winning thread selected, a detailed plot planning thread will be posted in the appropriate section. Players interested will visit the plot planning thread and use the instructions therein to help imagine the EVENT CHARACTER they choose to create. When the staff member in charge of that event is ready, the games will begin, and all heck will be let loose in the world of Griffon Kingdoms.

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