SangWing [Griffin]

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SangWing [Griffin]

Post by SangWing on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:06 pm

Name: SangWing
Species: Griffin
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Occupation: Soldier
Virtue: Diligence
Special Talent: Fighting, Claw to Claw Combat
Minor Talents: N/A

Height: 5'6"
Coat Color: Tan with lighter tan markings on bottom
Mane/Tail Color: Same
Eye color: Red
Cutie/Glyph Mark: N/A


Personality: There was always something wrong with SangWing. Due to the lack of therapists and doctors in the Griffin Kingdom, none were able to tell how sadistic the griffin was. He always got in fights at school, although he was never expelled because every griffin noticed that SangWing's opponent usually threw the first punch. He is sadistic, cold, reserved, and fights to see the screams and yells that comes from his prey. He will only eat meat, and hates being controlled by those who are weaker than him.

SangWing's eyes are a counter color to his tan coat, and they are the only possible lines to his emotions. His body is always relaxed, but able to stiffen in seconds. He is usually always smirking, and flexing his wings to show off his power. His tail is long, and usually behind him at all times. Pull his tail, and expect to pass out from blood loss. There is a reason his name sounds like "Sanguine."

History: As previously stated, the griffin society is more accepting of those who wish to show off their aggression and anger. However, this does not mean that an oppressor will not be transferred to different schools. After the griffin version of high school suspended him from beating up a teacher, he was transferred to an academy ran by a griffin who planned to provide the soldiers and arms for the griffin's attack on Equestria. SangWing was one of the few to graduate from the academy's schooling, since he beat up all of the other griffins that made fun of his red eyes. He met his first loss in a fight when the academy dean fought him, and broke both of his wings.

SangWing laid in a hospital for months in order to heal his wings. He recovered within the time that the griffins attacked, and was promoted to one of the soldiers in the griffin's army. Excited to plunder Equestria and get rid of pony scum, he patrols Canterlot within the last hour of curfew, just to find prey that he can attack. There is something wrong with this griffin's mind, and the only thing keeping him from going on a rampage, is the dean who broke his wings. This realization brought him the facts that he wasn't the strongest. Hotheaded and eager to serve the griffins, he can never have enough victims.

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