Etulia [earthpony]

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Etulia [earthpony]

Post by Etulia on Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:28 pm

Name: Etulia
Species: Earthpony
Gender: female
Age: 18
Occupation: -
Virtue/Vice: loyality (to her mistress)
Special Talent: serving her mistress
Minor Talents: Playing guitar, Permanent body paintings (eqivalent to tattoos) have to be redone every six months
Alignment: neutral

Height: 4'2''
Coat Color: white
Mane/Tail Color: black
Eye color: Ice blue
Cutie Mark: a Note




Etulia is a relativly shy pony. She rarely speaks to strangers, and usually only when her mistress tells her to. Etulia mostly stays with her mistress, serving and defeding her. She only trust her mistress and no one else, due to her bad childhood. She does everything her mistress wishes her to, even if it would mean self-sacrafice. As long Etulia is with her mistress, she´s happy and when she has to leave her mistres for some orders, she still can cheer herself up with the thoughts of her mistress.

Etulia likes hard music, like metal or rock, because she believes it strengthens her; which it somehow does. She knows how to play guitar, so she plays some music for her mistress sometimes. She wears heavy boots and socks, to give herself a unique and dangerous apeareance, along with a collar to show she belongs to someone.


Etulia was born six years before the war begun. Her parents weren´t the richest ponies and so both of them were at their jobs, most of the day. Her father used her more as a slave and so she learned how to cook and other household things very early. Whenever her father was disapointed with her, which was very often, he would hit her. Etulia wasn´t allowed to speak without permission and was treated more like a slave than a daughter. During the evenings, her mother would be at work, thus not seeing what her father done to her.If Etulia ever tried to tell her, her father would have beaten her further; she lived in permanent anxiety. Over the years she had forgotten how to live for herself and when the war started she still stood with her dad, because she didn´t knew what else to do. When her father died, Etulia didn´t know where to go, or what to do and so walked from town to town. She knew how to cook for herself and managed to survive on her own.

One day, Etulia walked into a city where a battle was raging. She didn´t fear death; she had nothing to lose. Walking around the battlefield, she simply glanced around, wondering what had happened there. She stopped as a large griffon stood right in front of her only to grab her and put her into bindings. He brought her to a griffon outpost, where he hung her upside-down. She had to watch the griffons torture some of their prisoners, hearing the other ponies' screams. Of course, she was accustomed to pain, but these screams sounded like pain she never had
felt. After the torturing, the griffons ate some of their prisoners, some of whom were still alive at the time. Her mind instantly turned to death in that one moment. She wanted to live more then ever in that moment. She tried to fight against the chains, but it proved fruitless. She had to accept her fate.

Beforethe worst could happen, however, a mysterious figure appeared in the griffon camp; a black and purple mare. Taking the griffons by surprise, the mare managed to take what few guards there were and forced those who were still alive to flee. The pony turned towards Etulia with a reassuring smile, suddenly transforming in front of her eyes to reveal her true identity: a changeling with bright red hair and shining orange eyes. Wasting no time, the changeling secured a set of dropped keys and released her from the locks to guide her back out of the outpost to a
safer location.

Ever since that day, she never left Roulette's side. She wanted to give her a reward, but the only thing she owned, was herself. Etulia swore to herself that she would serve the changeling forever, as that was the only thing she was able to offer. Roulette was her Mistress from that point on; untill the end of time. Whatever Roulette gave her as task, she would accomplish it, even if it would require self-sacrafice.

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Re: Etulia [earthpony]

Post by Steel Strike on Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:53 pm

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